10 Expert Tips To Care For Wooden Floors

We love wooden flooring as it is beautiful and durable. The classic oil finish with natural wood colors adds versatility to the style of your house. If you wish to preserve the beauty of wood flooring follow a few cleaning methods, damage care measures, and maintenance protocols.

Wood Care

10 expert tips for looking after your wooden floors are

Protect From Termites

Get the termite inspection done and if needed get floor regularly treated with pesticides that can prevent termites from getting attracted to the wood floors. Keep a check that termites do not develop in the garden or surrounding area as well because it can quickly catch by making tunnels from soil to wood. In most of the affordable log homes, similar termite protection measures are taken to protect wood from termites.

Using Right Mop

A cotton yarn twist mob is appropriate to clean the floor. Microfiber mops do not work good on the wood as that is slightly cutting and can wear down the oil finish. To clean up the mess paper towel and water is suitable. While cleaning using two soft cotton mops are the best option. One for floor cleaner and another for wiping with water.

Using Right Cleaning Products

Use specific cleaning products tailored for wood floor cleaning instead of using soap flakes, harsh detergents or ordinary floor cleaners for tile flooring.

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Protect From Dents

Take care that heavyweight objects may not hit the floor, for example, the leg of the dining table or bed should not strongly hit the floor while changing their positions. Avoid walking much on the floor when wearing high heels. You can keep a pair of flat slippers near the entrance to avoid walking of guests with heels on the floor.

Keep Dirt Free

Keep mats at all entrances to prevent sand dirt grit grease and oil from coming inside. Keep the doors and windows closed to avoid entering dust into the house. Whenever you see dirt and dust use water and a paper towel to clean first and then use a mop.

Protect From Scratches

Take care of the wood floor, and whenever required to lift and move heavy furniture. Avoid dragging of heavyweight objects on the wood floor. Place cushions under furniture legs. Regularly cut the nails of your pets to avoid scratches on the floor.

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Gently Remove Stains

Keep harsh chemicals away from the floor. To remove smudges use a cotton cloth dip in wood floor cleaner and gently rub on the smudged area of the floor, then use another clean cloth dipped in water to wipe out the soap.

Protect From Moisture and Heat

Prevent water to be accumulated on the surface. If some liquid spills clean the floor immediately. Moisture attracts termites causes unevenness and reduces the life of flooring. Do not place heaters ovens or any cooking stoves directly on the floor. Close contact to heat may cause complete discoloration and damage to the wood flooring.

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Place Mats

Try to place mats to reduce wearing out of your floor in the areas where there is more walking around like front of the vanity, kitchen sink and near the bathroom. Always buy mats of good quality so that they have a soft bottom for flooring and do not slip.

Observe The Changes

The tendency of wood to slightly contract and expand is natural. Be in the know of the areas of your floor where there is unevenness. Investigate the root cause which could be a plumbing leakage. It needs to be corrected immediately to save your beautiful floor.

If we take care of wood flooring in the ways mentioned above, then flooring will not only be long lasting but will also retain the shiny and new look for years.

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