10 Important Things to Consider When You’re Buying Curtains

As any decorator will always tell you, curtains make the room look beautiful but only when chosen in a right way. When it comes to decorating your room and window treatments, it’s all a matter of proper color and fabric, length and lining and custom made versus off the shelf. In this article we will try to cover almost all the important points which one should consider when someone is looking to buy curtains for their new rooms. With your creativity and decorator’s advice you can easily make your rooms look good. So, let’s dig directly into the article.


color and fabric of curtains


Color and Fabric

Fabric is one of the most essential parts when you choose curtains for your home as it will decide how well your curtains will hold over time. Also it is important to know that if the curtains are too heavy they may not fold crisply well when drawn and if they are too light they may not fall properly. When it comes to overall material linen, silk and velvet are the best choices to use for curtains for your windows. When it comes to color then it all depends on your personal choice but remember sunlight will fade fabrics over time so if the room gets a lot of light through windows, it’s smart to avoid very bright colors, since they tend to fade very fast. But if you change your room more often, you can be less concerned about fading.




Length and Lining

It is very important to measure the length of your window before you choose the right curtains for your room. You should also look for the hanging panels above the windows. Mainly hanging panels should be about 6 inches higher than the window as it will give you a sense of dramatic look. Measure the length from the hanging point to the end of the floor for a more traditional look. When you measure the width of your window, it is important to add four to eight inches on both sides to ensure curtain fullness.


10 Important Things to Consider When You’re Buying Curtains


Off the Shelf and Custom Window Treatments

Custom window treatments have many benefits. You can customize the whole window on your own or with the help of home decorator. It will create a proper tailored look like a perfectly-fitted suit. Also the custom panels come with endless design options, from material to header style. If you’ll choose a custom window option, a professional installer will come to your home and measure your windows. So, it will help you in organizing things in a better way. You can give your room a stylish, sophisticated look with customized window treatments.


10 Important Things to Consider When You’re Buying Curtains


Washer Machine Friendly VS Dry Clean Only

It is very much important to know whether your curtains can be cleaned with washer machine or by dry cleaning only. It will save your time and also your money in the long run. Also you should keep in mind that you can easily ruin high quality curtains if you wash them yourself. Proper care has to be taken if the curtains are machine washable. The quality of the cloth may be compromised if treated in a wrong way. If the manufacturer’s instructions includes the curtains to be dry cleaned, it is advised that proper directions should be followed.

In Home VS Online Consultants

Get right curtains for your rooms with the help of home consultation. Companies like AKON industrial curtains will send a consultant directly to your home to help you decide colors, finishes and textures that will blend properly with your designs. Also if you prefer working online, then you can book an online consultation for your home designing. Many companies will help you with deciding proper curtains for your home. Also the items that you will choose will be directly shipped to your home.

So these were some of the important points which one should consider while buying curtains for rooms. Well it’s your own choice what you want, these points will act as add ons to your choice so that you choose the right curtains for your home.

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