10 most expensive and luxury mobile phones of the world

When the word mobile phone rings in our ear, many things collectively strike our mind like which mobile phone, what technology it is having?, how many megapixels of camera, which company and the famous one that What does it costs? Why cost is so important? Because with the approximation of cost we can judge that how many features it should be carrying. But what if these mobile phones costs over million dollars? What should be there in a million dollar mobile phone? Let us have a look on these 10 Psyche and Most Expensive Mobile Phones of the World and know these amazingly expensive mobile phones do and see what these expensive mobile phones contain.

10. iPhone Princess Plus, $176,400

This brilliant mobile phone is one of the finest of all the mobile phones. As it is clear from its name iPhone Princess Plus, this mobile phone uses iPhone technology. This is not a normal iPhone. Like a princess uses ornaments and necklaces of diamonds and gold, this iPhone is studded with the finest 17.75 carat diamonds. These diamonds are finely cut and are 318 in number out of which 138 are on surface and rest are on front face. These crystal clear diamonds are fitted in outer rim which is made of white gold which make this hand set an unbeatable product and make it look royal. These diamonds and white gold are responsible for its

09. Sony Ericsson Black Diamond, $300,000

This finely designed jet black colored phone is the finest of all Sony Products. This finest mobile phone is set up by “Garen Joh” in Singapore unit of Sony Ericsson. Its surface is made of poly carbonate and titanium. This mobile phone is studded with precisely cut diamonds thus costs $300,000. It uses a new and advance OLED technology under its poly carbonate sheets of surface. It has a front screen of 4 megapixels which can be used as a mirror.  This phone is unbeatable in terms of Wi-Fi technology as it is specially designed for the core Wi-Fi purpose.

08. Vertu Signature Cobra, $310,000

Vertu Signature Cobra is a limited edition finely designed mobile phone. Only 8 units of this lavish mobile phone Vertu Signature Cobra are made. This is designed by a French jeweler Boucheron. It uses simple technology but it is a seemingly beautiful mobile phone due to its Cobra like shape. It is embraced with a few diamonds and emeralds and nearly 440 rubies which make this mobile phone seemingly attractive and lavish too.

07.  Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot, $1 Million

Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot is a finely designed limited edition mobile phone by Luxury Communication Gadgets. To find this mobile phone with someone is like finding a pin from the ocean as these are designed only 3 in number. The lavishness of this phone is defined by the use of African Back Wood which is the most expensive wood more than 200 years old on its panel. Apart from this it is studded with 45.5 carats black diamonds and 180gm solid gold. The key attraction of this mobile phone is its keys which are made of Sapphire Crystals finely carved and polished by designers.

06. Diamond Crypto Smart Phone, $1.2 Million

Diamond Crypto Smart Phone is a touch and type smart phone and uses the best encryption technology which provides the users a special and unique feature of safety. It provides us safety from kidnapping and digital harassment and blackmailing. This is so much lavish due to the use of diamonds, rose gold and blue gold. Its front face has 50 rare blue diamonds. Its middle navigation key is made of the lavish rose gold which is very beautiful to use.

05. Goldvish Le Million, $1.3 Million

Goldvish Le Million is a fantastic creation of Goldvish which is a Swiss Company that manufactures luxury and premium mobile phones. This very mobile phone is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for its unique price. This is a limited edition mobile phone produced only 3 in number. It is made of solid gold and finely polished 20 carats diamonds. One rare feature of this luxury mobile phone is its dual SIM feature.

04. iPhone 3G King Button, $2.4 Million

This is another finest luxury mobile phone of Apple. It is designed by a very creative designer Peter Alloision with 138 finely craved and polished diamonds on its sides that give it astonishing look. As we know now that this is an Apple production thus uses the Apple technology with some rare features. Its home button is studded with 6.6 carat white diamond which is a rare diamond.

03. iPhone 3GS Supereme Gold Striker, $3.2 Million

This astonishing iPhone 3 is redesigned by Gold Striker International. This also uses Apple technology with finely studded over 200 diamonds and more than 50 finely cut gems.The case of this mobile phone is made of 270gm of 22 carats gold which made this so lavish and attractive. The front face are inscribed with 1 carat diamonds and the only button that is the home button is made with 7.1 carat rare diamond.

02. iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition, $8 Million

This is the second most expensive mobile phone of the world. This is due to the use of flawless and rare sparkling diamonds weighing over 100 carats. This again uses Apple technology. The apple logo at the back side is studded with 53 diamonds alone and the attractiveness is enhanced by the home button which is made of 7.4 carats rare pink diamond. This rare mobile phone is owned by Stuart Hughes.

01. iPhone 5 Black Diamond, $15.3 Million

This iPhone 5 Black Diamond is the technologically advanced, attractive and the most expensive mobile phone in the world. It is based on the latest technology of Apple. The reason behind its lavishness is its look due to finely encrypted diamonds and gold in this mobile phone. It has a large touch screen and the only unit of its type. This iPhone is designed with the finely polished and rare known diamonds of the whole universe. The apple logo at the back is studded with gold and 45 rare diamonds. The home button is so attractive that no one can resist himself or herself for pressing it. Home button is studded with diamonds that weighs 26 carats.

These are the 10 Psyche and Most Expensive Mobile Phones of the World and now we have the answer that why these mobile phones are so costly and lavish. Now what we have to do is to wait for the next edition of most expensive and luxury mobile phones other than these in the future.

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