10 most expensive finest diamonds of the world

Diamonds are the one of the major symbol of the pride and prestige of the Kings and Queens in the older times and this is also true in today’s world. Rich and dignified people used to keep the finest and rare diamonds in their houses to show their richness and power. Earlier the kings and queens used to wear the rare diamonds of their state and the territory they acquired by fixing into their crowns and necklaces. Here are some of the finest and most expensive diamonds of the world.


It is the 76.02 carat diamond which was found in the Golconda mines of India and was named after the great grandson of Roman Emperor resident of Austria Archduke Joseph August.  This is one of the finest transparent only of its type and attracts each and everyone who take a glimpse of this beautiful diamond “The Archduke Joseph”.


This is called so because of its intense pink color and it is one of the rarest of pink diamonds. This diamond is a rare beauty and it can be grafted in a ring and it can make the wearer the king or queen of the party or the ball. This Perfect Pink diamond make sense and makes you perfect for the ball or any official party or gathering. This was found in India weighing 14.23 carats.


The Wittlsbach-Graff  is a dark blue colored diamond weighing 31.6 carat and is included in the category of the rarest and the finest diamonds of the world. Its intense blue color at once take up your sight and then its unable to move your eyes from this beautiful piece of rarest and finest stone.


This diamond falls in category of Fancy Vivid Pink and the largest in the family as categorized by Gemological Institute of America. This rare diamond weighs 59.60 carats and one of the most expensive one owned by Steinmetz Diamond Group thus named as “The Steinmetz Pink”. This finest diamond was auctioned and owned at $25 Million.


The “PRINCIE” is a rare pink diamond nearly 300 years old and was found in the Golconda mines of India. This rare diamond was once belonged to the king of Hyderabad and weighs 34.65 carats. It was named PRINCIE later on in Europe. This diamond costs $39.3 Million when sold last time.


This is one of the rare pink diamonds in the whole world and it was once belonged to Harry Winston for 60 years. It weighs 24.78 carats and now belongs to Laurence Graff and for keeping this finest piece of stone he has to spend $46 Million. The person who wears this rare pink diamond in his/her ring becomes the talk of the event and the one who sees it once doesn’t want to take off his eyes from this beautiful diamond “The Graff Pink”.


The De Beers Centenary is a flawless and seemingly beautiful colorless diamond was found in 1986 from Premier Mine of South Africa. It weighs 273.85 carat and had added to the worth of the tower of London for several years and is now a personal property. This diamond is of finest heart shape and I can bet that if you will see this diamond for once that your heart will fall on this seemingly adorable diamond but for having this diamond you have to spend more than $100 Million as lastly it was auctioned for $100 Million.



The Hope Diamond is one of most famous gemstone of all the time weighing 45.52 carats. It has a very vast history of more than 300 years. It was with King Louis XIV for a long time and has changed its hands for so many times in 200 years. It was then owned by English financer in 1830 after whose name this precious stone was named that is Henry Philip Hope. This finest piece of diamond can be worn within the necklace or in the ring. The one who wears this beautiful diamond becomes the talking stone of the town and considered to be a celebrity and of course the person who can afford this should be a celebrity as this seemingly beautiful diamond costs $350 Million when it was auctioned.


This is the largest diamond ever found weighing 3,106.75 carats. It was found in South African’s Sir Thomas Cullinan mine. It was cut into 9 smaller diamonds and was a part of crown jewels of England. Each of the further cut diamonds are one in one and these were auctioned for a seemingly dreadful price of $400 Million. The 9 diamonds that are cut from this big one are of different shapes and sizes and as earlier mention were all the part of England’s crown jewels.


Koh-I-noor is the most famous diamond in the world. Its history is very vast and was found in Golconda mines of India. It has been in the hands of many dynasties and Empires such as Kakatiyas, Mughals, Rajputs , Sikhs and British. This weighs 105.6 carats and once the largest of all. It is believed that this diamond is cursed one. It is believed that the one who keeps this diamond lost his everything in battle or killed somehow by his enemy or relatives. It became the part of the Crown Jewels of England. It is kept now in HM Tower of London as a traveler’s attraction.

Here is the collection of the finest, beautiful, adorable and MOST EXPENSIVE diamonds of the world. These diamonds are those assets which can never be destroyed and these can only be kept with oneself. These diamonds creates history and also changes the geography as the lust to get and own these diamonds becomes the reason of wars and battles. But in all respects these are really a gift of nature to the earth and the man too and these high prices are apt according to their beauty.

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