10 psyche and fastest super cars in the world

I can bet on this that every person on this earth is fond of fast and beautiful cars or we can say super cars. Not only cars Super Cars, cars those are muscular, fast and furious and expensive and luring. There are difference in people’s choices and interest of cars but I know must have/had dream of touching and driving these 10 psyche and fastest hybrid cars that are showcased here in this article.

10.  Koenigsegg CCX

This super car ranked 10th in number in list of psyche and fastest cars in the world. This has a total cost of US $ 4,850,000 and was designed to make this a global car and environment friendly as it run on 91 octane fuel. This car was designed to reduce the global pollution and to reduce the consumption of petrol of which we have very less reserves left now.  It flies on roads with top speed over 355kmph (220mph) which is deliberately psychic.

 9. Pagani Huayra 

This sexy sports car ranked 9th in the psyche and fastest super cars in the world which means “God of winds” by name. It is mid-engine car and uses twin turbo Mercedes –AMG V-12 engine. Its unit costing is $1,300,000 and holds title of Hyper Car of 2012. It can sail 0-60mph in just 3.3 seconds having top speed of 372kmph (231mph) which is psychic.

8. Zenvo ST1

This is limited edition Danish Super Car which was manufactured only 15 in number and it has made Denmark proud by producing such fantastic sports car. This is one of the most alluring cars which steals your eyes in the first encounter. It has a unit cost of $1.23 million. It can be driven up to about 375kmph or 233mph.

 7. Mc Laren F1

Mc Laren F1 is the destroyer of the records from last 2 decades which has records of the fastest sports car in the world. It costs approximately $4 million and it has revolutionized the F1 Racing and these have been used extensively for F1 racing. This car is a heart stealer. It has top speed of 391kmph (243mph) which keep it on 7th spot in psyche and fastest super cars in the world.

 6. Bugati Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse WRC

Bugati Veyron GS Vitesse is a mid engine car which holds record for the fastest convertible on the planet earth and it is ranked 6th in our evaluation of psyche and fastest super cars in the world. This is also one of the most expensive cars in the world. Looks of Bugati Veyron GS can compel anyone to fall in love with her. No other car matches the comfort level of this beautiful, hot and sexy machine that just not run on roads but flies on road. The pricing of base model of this demon starts from $1,700,000. It can rash the road from 0-60mph in just 3 rough seconds and has top speed of 408.84kmph (254mph). It holds the title of the “Car of the Decade” for 2000-2009 by BBC show Top Gear.

 5. Saleen S7 Twin Turbo

Saleen S7 is a hand crafted American limited edition car which is collectively developed under Steve Saleen. It has a massive engine of 550 horse power and can reach 0-60 mph in just 3.3 seconds. This beautiful muscular machine is the finest example of hand crafted cars. Its delicacy can be judged from its looks itself and no words can describe it. It made its debut in August 2000 in Monterey historic Races and then goes for sale in 2005 for $585,296.

 4. Koenigsegg Agera R

This beauty is a successor of Koenigsegg CCX which has 5.0-litre twin turbo charged V8 engine which produces massive power of 940hp. It was awarded the title of the “Hyper Car” for the year 2010. This beautiful car reminds me of the most beautiful bird or the king of the birds peacock. As we are unable to describe its beauty, words get lost when we start describing this car. It is beautiful and pricy too and it has a pricing tag of $1.6-1.7 million. It can speed up from 0-62mph in 3.3seconds. It can be maximized to 410kmph.

 3. Hennessey Venom GT

This muscle machine ranked 3rd in our list of the psyche and fastest super cars in the world. This combination of beauty and beast is just behind two more cars which we are going to see after this. This car is a production of Hennessey Performance Engineering and it has beaten many records and also the the record of Koenigsegg Agera R in 13.63 seconds to reach 0-186mph which was formerly17.68 seconds by Koenisegg Agera. It can be maximized to 427.6kmph which is thrilling and psyche.

 2. SSC Ultimate Aero

As the name suggests this super car is ultimate and thus holds 2nd spot in the ranking of psyche and fastest super cars in the world. This muscular and beautiful car steals hearts of everyone in its first look.  It has broken many records and was the fastest car at one time. Before the testing of Bugati Veyron SS it holds name in Guinness Book of World Records for the fastest car in the world.

1. Bugati Veyron Super Sport

Here is the devil. The dangerous, swift, exotic car which has the capability to pass all the limits and having the record speed of 431.072kmph. No one dares to compare this rocket engine car with anyone and thus the king of the time. This car is a mid engine car designed by the Volkswagen Group. Record of 431.072kmph has not been touched by any grounded machine till date. It has a pricing tag of $2,700,000 making it the most expensive and lavish car in the world and probably the fastest beast all around.

These are the 10 cool and fastest “SUPER CARS” in the world and till date Bugati Veyron Super Sport holds the record of 431.072kmph and I know everyone of us is wondering for the next car which will beat the record of Bugati Veyron Super Sport but till date she is the beast. If you are looking for a car buffer then you must look at these best car buffer for best performance.

How you find these amazing fast super cars? Your opinions awaited below in comment box. You must keep this best garage heater to take care of your super hybrid cars.

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