10 psyche and most ferocious and venomous snakes of the world

SNAKE??? Where is it??? Everyone become stun when hear the word snake. A rare type of sensation runs through our body when anyone calls snake and an anonymous fear just cover us. We people are scared to take the name of snake. This is the influence and fear of snake among all of us and here we are going to encounter with the 10 psyche and most ferocious and venomous snakes of the world. We will move in descending order with least venomous at top and most in the end. So be ready to face these deadly creatures of the world.

10. Rattlesnake

Our first encounter is with the American snake Rattlesnake which can be identified easily due to it rattle tail. It is a member of pit vipers. These are the 10th most venomous snakes of the world. One interesting fact about them is that their juveniles are far more dangerous than adults. Their venom is hemotoxic which destroys tissues, degenerate organs and cause disrupted blood clotting. Bite of rattle snake is fatal if untreated timely but use of antivenin timely can reduce the fatality rate to 5%.

9. Death Adder

Now we are going to encounter the second in this series of 10 psyche and most ferocious and venomous snakes of the world. It is the “Death Adder”. Death adder as the name suggests add deaths and hunt other snakes via ambush. It holds 9th spot in most venomous snakes of the world. It is found in Papua New Guinea and Australia. These are similar to vipers having triangular head and have short bodies. It can inject 50-100 mg of neurotoxin venom and can paralyze the body and death within 6 hours due to respiratory failure. Antivenin is helpful in treating death adder’s bite and it is the fastest striker in the world and can strike and come back in the previous position within 0.13 seconds.


Vipers are most common snake that is found in every part of the world but two of its species namely chain viper and saw scaled vipers found its place on the 8th spot of most venomous snakes of the world. These are mostly found in India, China and middle-east countries. These are very fast in nature and their venom causes bleeding and swelling at place of bite. It lower the heart beat as well as blood pressure and a person dies of heart failure within 1-14 days.

7. Philippine Cobra

Cobra is a name that we must have heard but it’s a very surprising fact that only one species of cobra makes its place in top 10 venomous snakes of world and that is Philippine Cobra which is at 7th spot in our list. Its venom is most dangerous of all cobra family and it can spit its venom up to 3m distance. Its venom is neurotoxin which paralyzes the body and affects the respiratory system and can cause death within 30 minutes if untreated.

6. Tiger Snake

Tiger snake is called so due to its tiger like stripes and it is found in Australia. Its venom is neurotoxin and attacks the nervous system and made the victim paralyzed and led to breathing difficulties. It can cause death within 30 minutes but generally within 24 hours. Before the introduction of antivenin the death rates were as high as 60-70%. These snakes are defensive and generally do not attack but if they are cornered then they become aggressive and fatal.

5. Black Mamba

Black mamba is an African snake and is known to be the most ferocious of all snakes as it is the fastest of all and can reach up to 20 Kmph. The name black mamba is derived from the black color of its mouth, no other snake has such dense black colored mouth. It can attack the victim 12 times in a row thus falls in top ten category of most venomous snakes bagging 5th spot. Its single bite can kill 10-25 adults. Its venom is neurotoxin which acts swiftly and attacks nerves. It can make us blind and can put us in coma. Without antivenin the death rate due to black mamba is 100% and it can take life of the victim within 15 minutes to 3 hours.

4. Taipan

Taipan is considered to be the 4th most venomous snake of the world. This is an Australian snake and bite venom of which can kill 12000 guinea pigs. It is highly neurotoxin and blocks arteries and veins by clotting blood. Its death rate was 100% before the discovery of its antivenin. Even though antivenin has been invented but the victim has to suffer a lot after being given antidote or antivenin.

3. Blue Krait

Blue Krait is found in South East Asia and some parts of Indonesia. These are nocturnal and active at night. These generally do not attack humans or other big creatures but if they are being teased then you will not find any place to hide. They eat other snakes and even blue kraits too. Its venom is highly neurotoxin 16 times more than cobra and before the antivenin was discovered the mortality rate was over 85%. Even if you treat with antivenin you are not sure of the survival and person may fall to lifetime coma.

2. Eastern Brown Snake

Eastern brown snake is found in mid Australia and owes 2nd spot in most venomous snakes of the world. It is fast moving snake and reacts to the movement. This is also known as fast snake due to its speed. Young brown snake can also kill an adult. If you try to tease them they will follow you and hit you repeatedly and its venom contains both blood coagulants and neurotoxins which paralyzes the body and can make you a skeleton in within an hour of bite.

1. Fierce Snake or Inland Taipan

Inland Taipan is considered as the most venomous and deadliest snakes of all land snakes. This is the reason why it is on the top of our list of 10 psyche and most ferocious and venomous snakes of the world. It is also known as fierce snake and can yield up to 110mg of venom and can take the life of 100 adults and more than 250,000 mice. It is 10 times venomous than Rattlesnake and 50 times than cobra. It can take your life within 45 minutes if bitten.


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