10 psyche and weirdest facts about dreams that we have in night

Dreams are not unknown to anyone. We all have dreams while sleeping in the night. Some are good, some are bad, some are violent, some are scary and some may be symbolic. These dreams have a beautiful connection with our real life and role. Dreams that are seen by some people have completely changed the life of people and shape of the world. These dreamers were the inventors. There are also many facts and figures about the dreams we see in the night that we are unaware of and we can have the insights of these and we can know our dreams and how the mechanism work when we are in the sleep. So here are the 10 psyche and weirdest facts about DREAMS that we have in night.

1. Rapid Eye Moment (REM) and body paralysis

When you are in sleep then after 90-120 minutes there come a stage or we can say a certain phase come in sleep that is known as REM sleep or expanded as Rapid Eye Movement in which the whole body become apparently paralyzed as certain neurotransmitters are shut down which paralyze the body and there may be abnormal REM in which neurotransmitters do not completely shut down and they perform actions in their dreams such as hand and leg movements, screaming and thrashing.

2. Women opinion is different from men?

There are difference in dreams of men and women but one thing that is common in both of them is they both equally dream of sex. Women generally dream of having sex with celebrities, current partners and one secret of women is going to be revealed here that they also dream to have sex with their exes. On the other hand men think of having sex with multiple partners. They both experience nightmares too. Women generally experience nightmares of someone chasing them getting lost and falling but men generally have nightmares which are more violent and having fights with the opponents and extremists.

3. Dreams are precognitive and depict symbols

Dreams are symbols special and sometimes bad events that had to occur in future. It is believed that a dream of bad water signifies serious health issue. Dreamers dream about future as well and these types of dreams are known as precognitive dreams. One famous case was with Abraham Lincoln who had a dream of his death and after three days he was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth.

4. Is there any relationship between Snoring and Dreaming?

There is a strong connection between snoring and dreaming. The connection is like see saw which means if one thing is up other will be down and in the same way if a person is snoring then he is unable to dream at all.

5. Do blind people dream?

People who are blind dream too. The people who became blind birth can see images also as the normal people but people who are blind by birth cannot see the images but they also dream with same intensity and feeling by other senses such as smell, touch and taste. They feel in their dreams and the feelings of smell, taste, touch is all that are there in the dreams of people who are blind by birth.

6. Do you know your dreams?

You may have felt that someday you wake up and then you were still in your dream and you can elaborate your dream, dreaming when you wake up is known as Lucid dreaming and it has been observed that some people are very good in lucid dreaming especially those who play video games. Lucid dreams stuck us when we are just to wake. Lucid dreamers can feel their dreams and no one ever want to see his/her school teacher in Lucid Dream.

7. Dreams that transformed into reality

Many of the major inventions were once dream that their inventors had one night once sleeping.

Google stuck Larry Page’s mind when he was sleeping and if he did not worked on his dream then we may have to face a lot of searching problem which Google has made a lot easier for us.

Mendeleev arranged the elements in periodic table in his dream and a new era of Chemistry had begun with just a dream.

Marie curie discovered a bright element which glows in darkness that led to discovery of radium due to her dream.

James Watson has a dream of double helix spiral form of DNA.

Many more who had a dream one night during their sleep and their dream change the whole world. “Don’t let your dreams die, these have the power to change the world”.

8. Do you know how much you dream??

It has been estimated that generally a normal person dream about 45 minutes in his/her sleep. You had small duration of dreams when you are just to sleep and long time dreams when you are going to just wake up. It is an irony that we dream all the night and when we wake up we wake up everything is just gone and we are along with our life that we have left before sleeping.

9. Are you falling in your dreams???

Sometimes you may have heard from your friend or relative or you might have experienced that they or you had a dream of falling again and again and waking up with a jerk. This particular condition arises in the earlier phase of sleep when we are just entering into real sleep mode and these kind of dreams shows up that they or you are not in proper control in your outer world or real life.

10. Black and white dreams

Though most people dream in colors but there are as many as 12% people who can see and who dream in black and white. These stats were completely reversed after 1960s according to a scientific study after the upcoming of colored media in society like color TVs and DVDs. From this it can be measured that dreams are affected from our outer world while sleeping and keeps on reminding memories while sleeping.

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