10 psyche and weirdest strange websites

I know you must be thinking that weird websites? What could be weird and funny in a website but I can bet when you visit these websites you will definitely scratch your head and it will make you think that “Am I Psyche???” enough like these people who has made these psyche, funny and weirdest websites. You are going to enjoy now as these are the most interesting websites too.

Start your Journey of Weird Websites with a special Eel slap.

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  • Start your Journey of Weird Websites with a special Eel slap.
    • Eel Slap
    • Grandpa No Clothes
    • Computer Power Test
    • Positive Dating
    • Snap Bubbles
    • Cousin Couples
    • Afterlife Telegrams
    • 7 Billion World
    • Hooooooooo
    • Zombo.com

Eel Slap

You must have had heard about or you must have experienced teacher’s slap, parent’s slap, sister’s slap and may be girlfriend’s slap or boyfriend’s slap but have you heard about “EEL SLAP”??? Yes eel slap. Here is a website which allows you to give an eel slap to the person in the website by just scrolling the cursor from right to left. It’s a very good chance for you to release your anger and frustration due to your friend or teacher or girlfriend or boyfriend or siblings with this awesome website by slapping the guy in this website with an eel. How you find this weird website.

Checkout this Video to know How you can hit this man With an Eel. Dont forget to subscribe our Youtube Channel.

Grandpa No Clothes

Grandpa No Clothes

Do not dare to click on the black rectangle in any case when you visit this weirdest website otherwise you will… Checkout the Video of Grand Pa Wearing No Clothes.

Computer Power Test

Computer Power Test

If you really want to test whether your Personal Computer or Laptop is working then this website is surely for you. Visit here and have a power test for your PC or laptop and whether the device is working properly or not. This is probably the best and interesting website you will find ever for testing your PC or Laptop. I hope you will enjoy the power test for your PC or laptop. How is tise weird website?

Positive Dating

This is one of the very strange and weird websites for those who are HIV positive and the positives who had given up in finding love because of just a reason that they are positives. This website gives positives an opportunity to find and make love with other positives because the person who is a positive is not the only one with similar emotions and goals. There are millions of people who share the same emotions and sentiments and rejection in fact. It is very beautiful website for the positives to find their soul mate with same sentiments and emotions. So no need to worry positives, we hope that you will find your soul mate through this weird website.

Snap Bubbles

I can bet on anything for the fact that whenever you have received a gift wrapped with bubble wrap. The gift that you received seems less interesting than the bubble wrap until all the bubbles are snapped. It gives everyone of us some sort of internal satisfaction after snapping all the bubbles of bubble wrap and we feel some what disappointed when all the bubbles are snapped. But now do not worry here is a bubble wrap which will give you immense pleasure of snapping bubbles for free. Here is no limit to snap bubbles and if you are done with your bubble wrap you can get a new one instantly. Get on to this website and snap bubbles. Enjoy this funny and weirdest website.

Cousin Couples

Is your friend involve with his/her cousin then this website is for them only and you can help them getting support and relevant information concerning cousin marriages. This website has helped millions of cousin couples to get on their relationship. This is not a crime to have a relation with your cousin and if you believe so then you must visit this website and can take the help of this website to move your cart on. YOU can help yourself too if you are…??? How do you find this weird website?

Afterlife Telegrams

This strange website is only for those who believe life after death. This website deals in sending telegrams to those who are basically no more. It is based on the memory of terminally ill volunteers that they have and the family or the person who want to send telegrams to their passed away fellow have to pay $5 per word according to the wishes of the passed person before the death, the volunteer is told about the will of the dead person and when he passes away he is supposed to deliver the telegram to the dead one. Check out and send telegrams afterlife to your passed away friends or relatives. Well this is a really weird website. How can anyone send telegram to a person in afterlife?

7 Billion World

There is a Sanskrit quote “Vasudeva Kutumbakam” which means this whole world is one family. This cool website has applied to this great thought of one family and this website owner has created a family of 7 Billion people on this very beautiful website and surely here you will find each and every one who is on planet earth. Visit this website and there is a great chance that you will find yourself too here in this psyche and weirdest website.


Here is an opportunity for you to visit both these websites with any of these URLs and you will get a chance to shout heeeeeeeey hooooooooo and enjoy the strange flip of the websites. I must say you are going to enjoy a lot and you will surely think that there are such types of things in this world? Go visit this psyche and weirdest website and enjoy the flip and sound of joy that is heeeeeeeey and hooooooooo. Enjoying the weird websites?


I have never seen this sort of website which welcomes you on their website and allows you to do anything you want and I was so obliged by the welcome of this website that I was unable to move my eyes from the website. When you will visit this website you will hear a voice which believes that a man can do anything and the limit is the person himself. Visit and do whatever you want to do and remember you can do anything. This is one of the most inspirational website I have encountered till date. Enjoy these weird and funny websites.

These were 10 crazy, funny, strange and weird websites. I hope that you have enjoyed these strange websites and their concepts. These websites have made me really mad and I was thinking that this world is so crazy and people are psyche and crazy to think like that and create these types of freaky things for people to enjoy and go through these. Hope you have enjoyed these weirdest or weird websites and enjoyed the eel slap and grandpa no clothes.


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