10 sure shot symptoms of love

How can I feel love? How do I know that I have fallen in Love? Don’t worry, here are the scientifically and practically examined Sure Shot Symptoms of LOVE. Check whether you are in Love or not.

1. Sleepless Nights

One of the major and appropriate symptom by which you can know that if you are in love or not is that you are not sleeping at nights but wandering here and there outside or inside your room and you are not getting any idea that what is happening to you then this is the first symptom of love and I personally congratulate you for your desire and power of loving someone. I want to congratulate once again as you have fallen in love and you will have a lot of time in sleepless nights for study (lol).

2. Smile when you see a couple

Aha a great feeling and a deep unending smile on your lips when you see a couple together in a park or in the college or in school campus or in the restaurant. This happens when you are in a love with someone and you feel that that someone is with you right at the same time you see another couple in front of you. Watching them enjoying make you feel the same for your love partner but turn back as soon as possible as you are alone and your partner is somewhere else and may be sleeping. But really when it happens you are really in love.

3. Everything seems to be accomplished

You are accomplished and you need nothing more from this world. Alas! Is this kind of shit happens with you? If the answer is yes then check whether there is someone in your mind for whom you have forgot each and every dream of yours. You are now in a critical stage and this very Stage is called the stage of Love and you have lost all your senses and beware before it goes deep in your head and mind.

4. Forget things often

It may happen that you often start forgetting things and it is hard to recover that forgotten things and events. I can conclude this one of the sure shot symptoms of Love as how can you remember other things than your love and that becomes your first priority and you yourself does not want to remember other things and events. If you start forgetting things easily and often then it is one of the Sure Shot Symptoms of LOVE.

5. Getting Lost in Sad Songs

Oh my God. Really? Are you lost? Lost somewhere within the lines of one or two sad songs? Then it is alarming and it may be one of the Sure Shot Symptoms of LOVE. Deep feelings surrounds you when you start liking someone and then for felling them closer to you, you start hearing Sad songs and nothing happens but the song traps you in its one or two lines and you whole day murmur those lines and my dear friend you are in love this time and enjoy the song.

6. You find enjoyment alone

No one wants to miss the enjoyment with your friends and classmates and you cannot forget those moments spent with your friends and crave for these kind of moments every time but once in life you feel like accomplished and enjoy the silence and loneliness more than the enjoyment with your friends. My dear friend let me tell you that you are having a great time with the remembering of the one you are in love with. And if this is the case with you and you are enjoying alone then this is one of the Sure Shot Symptoms of LOVE.

7. Check your class attendance

Do you attend your classes regularly? Are you not bunking your classes and enjoying being in the lectures. You need to check whether you are really attending classes or enjoying lectures or you are attending classes to watch someone from corner of your seat. If I am right then you could have understand that what I am going to say now? Yes my dear friend this is one of the Sure Shot Symptoms of LOVE and I think if you are attending the lectures and classes to see someone you are in love then you must propose here before she left with someone else (lol).

8. Your Wallet is Empty

Money is a problem in a teen age and in the time of college days but we find some bucks to sit in canteen with friends and enjoy. But when you have nothing in your wallet and you calculate where you have spent the money and one area you spent is the petrol in your bike to trip around a girl or a boy whom you admire then my dear friend let me tell you that this is not admiration. It is one of the sure shot Symptoms of Love. Love is never easy and you also have to face and enjoy these empty wallets when you are in love.

9. You have lesser friends now?

Friends are the lifeline of any one and friends are the one who stands with you in any situation of life whether it is right or wrong. When you cannot discuss your problem with anyone then there is some friend to hear you but if you feel some day that you have lesser friends that previous line of friends. You need to check in to your life if you are ignoring them for someone else you like and you fell short of your line of friends then this indicate that your friends starts making a distance.

10. Your Love in your Dreams

Sleepless nights are one of the Sure Shot Symptoms of LOVE but even if you fall asleep and you saw someone tapping your head and playing with your hairs in your dreams and you feel sitting in park with someone in your dream then you have gone mad and it is confirmed that someone has controlled your mind and brain and this is one of the Sure Shot Symptoms of LOVE and let me tell you the secret of love that this is the best feeling in the world and you must enjoy it.


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