4 Amazing Shore Excursions to Book in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the cities on the Mediterranean that attract millions of tourist per year. To be more precise, about 2.5 million people visit Barcelona during their cruising vacation.

This beautiful city is very often the starting point for many cruising ships, and if that is not the case, then your ship will not miss this port by any mean.

Barcelona Excursions

I know that the sailing part itself is exciting and different than any other vacation you had, but I would like to point out that if Barcelona is on your shore excursion list, you need to know which the best places are for visits.

I am sure you will find something according to your taste here at Top Barcelona Shore Excursions For Cruise Passengers.

Since you will have a limited time in Barcelona, I am happy to share the four most fantastic shore excursions that will take you to the best places. This way you will not waste your time, energy and money and you will get to see most of this Mediterranean city.

1. Gothic quarter

You can catch a shuttle bus or a taxi (it takes about ten minutes or so) to get there from the port. The Gothic quarter is the old part of the city, a real gem where you get to see, smell, and taste the real Barcelona. This place is a magnet for tourists, but it did not lose its authenticity. The narrow streets and the old buildings breathe out the ancient times. I guarantee you will love everything about it. There are many stores, restaurants, and bars. Also, here is the famous Picasso museum, which if you are an art lover, must visit. I recommend you to book a private tour with a guide that will explain every painting and tell you everything about the life of Pablo Picasso. The Gothic quarter is the place where you can find the Jewish Section as well (it was the heart of the culture in the past; many medieval buildings are still well-preserved).

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2. Gaudi Tour

Antonio Gaudi is the father of some of the most breathtaking Barcelona’s architecture and the glorious Sagrada Familia. Booking such a tour will be a smart way to have a guide who will take you to the most popular locations and tell you in details how these buildings were designed and built. All of you, architecture lovers, will make a great choice if you pick this excursion. I enjoyed it the most because it was perfectly organized (transport and guide) and truly punctual.

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3. Barcelona Highlights

Many people can’t decide what they want to see the most, so they usually pick tours that include the city’s highlights (Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, Montjuic, La Rambla, and so on). This is a great way to get to see the most significant places, without wasting time in queues. The tour includes transport from one place to another in a comfortable car. This option is perhaps one of the best ideas for all of you who are going to Barcelona for the first time (or if your ship stays in the port for a short time).

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4. Salvador Dali Museum

Now this is a must if your ship stays in Barcelona’s port for a few days. Salvador Dali Museum is located in Figueres. To get there you will need about two hours (by car or bus), but the museum itself is like nothing you have seen in your life. It is like getting inside Dali’s head. His most authentic paintings, installations, murals, dolls, and sketches are there. Walking into the museum feels like entering a magical and artistic wonderland. Figueres is a cool place to visit as well – lovely medieval architecture, cool souvenir shops, and amiable locals.

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