5 Best Fishing Spots Destination in Minnesota

Minnesota, the “Land of 10,000 Lakes”, actually boasts about 11,842 bodies of water that have an area of over 10 acres. The relative concentration of lakes increases as you travel north with what might typically be considered the beginning of “lake country” starting on an imaginary line drawn through the center of the state stretching from Alexandria to the west to the famous Lake Mille Lacs to the east.

Anglers looking for good fishing opportunities in Minnesota are typically drawn to the more famous larger lakes and the species of choice is most often the walleye. Walleye fishing is a Minnesota tradition that stretches across generations. Perhaps the most famous walleye fishery in the state is Lake Mille Lacs. Because of its close proximity to the Twin Cities metropolitan area, it is a very accessible destination for many anglers and has boasted phenomenal walleye populations for years. A bit further to the north are a few other large, popular walleye destinations. Here are the 5 best fishing spots destination in Minnesota

1. Leech Lake

Leech Lake draws the attention of many anglers with great trophy fishing opportunities on a lake with a great variety of structure. On the further north are Cass Lake and Winnibigoshish, two excellent fisheries in the heart of the north woods where families come to vacation in typical Minnesota resort destinations.

2. Lake Red

Upper Red Lake, once known for the complete collapse of its walleye population has emerged once again as a walleye factory with a nearly complete recovery. If you wish to venture further east and north into the Canadian Shield you will find Lake Vermillion and a bit further to the North and west Lake Kabetogama, the only two complex lake systems in the prototypical boundary waters wilderness setting. This leaves the farthest northern borders of Minnesota and the famous Rainy Lake to the east and Lake of the Woods to the west encompassed within the well-known northwest angle and one of the most prolific walleye producing bodies of water in the state. You must get this best  fishing rod for fishman to catch a bucket full of fishes on the shore of Red Lake.

3. Cass Lake.

The best kept secret of fishing Minnesota is probably the fact that some of the best walleye fishing in terms of both rates of catch and trophy opportunity can be found in the thousands of smaller lakes that dot the northern reaches of the state.

When asked for advice from anglers looking for information about a particular lake as they plan an extensive trip I like to suggest that they give themselves “options”. Let’s say you want to make the trek up north to fish Cass Lake. That’s a great starting point. But what if you have a particularly windy day, or the bite is less than stellar during your stay? Open up another tab on your browser and fire up Google Maps. Take a look at all of the lakes around Cass. Cass is actually part of a chain of lakes accessible from the main lake itself. In addition, within 15 miles of Cass, you have several other potential hot spots.

4. Lake Mille Lacs

Being the second largest lake in the state, Mille Lacs is a popular sports fishing destination all year round of golf. It is the Amazing location with its large number of access points all around its seventy-four miles of shoreline. In addition, it is only about one hundred meters from the Minneapolis-St. Paul area so it’s near reach. Fishing is a superb pursuit on both the northern and southern edges of the lake. In addition, with well over 5, 000 fishing homes and plenty of gain access to lodging, special deals (if you don’t like the do-it-yourself fishing trip), and even guides, mile Lacs using its ready-to-bite upper pike, walleye, Muskie, large perch and small oral cavity bass is well worth braving the elements to fish.

5. Lake of the Woods

This northern pond shared with Canada is a popular lake vacation spot with its walleye, north pike, muskie, and sturgeon. The Lake is made up of well over 950, 000 acres. Following the five Great Waters, Lake of the woods is America’s sixth greatest freshwater lake. During snow fishing season, between you, 500 and 3, five-hundred fishing houses are set up for sports fishing. Seasoned fishermen suggest fishing in the bays or along the coastline areas for the best catches.

Fish Camping Activity can be as rugged or as exciting as you want to make it. Minnesota provides the perfect location for a gentle or wild sports fishing camping experience. Here are 4 things must absolutely pack for your Minnesota fish camping trip.

1. Swimming suit

Under the calmest conditions, the wetlands in the region provide you with perfect fields and destination to take a swim. Bring your household pets and relax in cool and clear flowing oceans. Under other conditions, the lakes may swell up and be better appropriate to tubing, canoeing, or kayaking. As well as your swimsuit, bring any other water items you desire for your preferred water soaked activities. Make sure to examine the status of the ponds before planning your trip or heading outside of your cabin. Conditions may change rapidly and require different precautions for your safety!

2.Fishing pole and bait

Some may want to catch seafood rather than pretending to be one. Should you prefer to relax on the advantage of the lake and ingest natures beauty, avoid forget to bring your fishing pole and trap box. Enjoy relaxing days and nights packed with serene and patient occasions waiting for that special trophy fish to bite. 

3. Hiking boots

After normal office, several hours and hours of being placed in a car during dash hour traffic, it is nice to strap on some hiking boots and bipedal yourself through beautiful vegetation, stunning flowers, and many varieties of towering trees. Trails near to the waterways of Minnesota region offer many types of backpacking trails. If you are adventurous the more difficult trails and challenge yourself. Those with children or desiring a calmer and laid back speed can opt for easier ones.

4. GPS devices for geocaching

Scavenger tracks have been a form of entertainment for a long time. Combine the joy from a good scavenger hunt with sports fishing and a GPS product and you have geocaching. Geocaching is where you use your GPS product, input some coordinates, and go on a doing some fishing mission to find the treasure. Once you get there at your coordinates and destination, you must require a search to locate where your treasure is invisible.

Final Thoughts

Are you crazy about fish camping? Well, if you are avid fisherman, your life wouldn’t be complete without at least one trip to Minnesota for some incredible fishing. Hopefully this Minnesota fishing lakes blueprint has sparked your interest.

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