8 psyche and unknown facts about facebook

Facebook is one of the best social network over the globe with maximum traffic than any other social networking site. It has the Traffic rank 2 only behind Google. This site has 1.19 Billion active users according to the September statistics of Facebook which is massive and huge. I am sure that you must be one of the users of Facebook and I can bet that the things I am going to reveal here in this article about Facebook are unknown to you. These Facts are unusually amazing and practical and you can at once do these with your Facebook account side by side.

1. Connection between Facebook and one third divorces in 2011

There seem a connection between Facebook and one third divorce applications in 2011. The divorce applications of 2011 revealed the name of Facebook. The comments and the activities on the Facebook were used as evidences for filing the divorce cases. The comments by the separated spouses, ex boyfriends and ex girlfriends and other activities became the reason for misunderstandings and filling up the divorce cases.

2. Who is behind Facebook and how can we reach him???

Mark Zuckerberg Profile

Perhaps I know that maximum of you know that the Psyche and the master creator of the fastest growing network “Facebook” is Mark Zuckerberg who is a Harvard dropout but he used to mention himself a Harvard pass out. He started Facebook at the age of 19 and till he reaches 29 he became the youngest billionaire of this planet earth with two of his friends Dustin Moskovitz and Eduardo Saverin who are also billionaires. You can easily reach Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook by just typing zuck or 4 after the Facebook home page URL as www.facebok.com/zuck  or  www.facebook.com/4

3. Iceland rewrite its constitution through Facebook

Facebook Campaigns

Iceland rewrite its constitution in 2011 which the policy makers were planning from a long time. The early constitution was an adopted one from their mother country Denmark. The Iceland government uses social media to take the opinion of the citizens of Iceland. They framed the constitution and posted on Facebook and then allowed the public of Iceland to debate on the constitution and post suggestions to improve the constitution. This became a great hit and social media such as Facebook, Twitter and other social sites played a very important role in re-framing the constitution of Iceland.

4. Experience the life of a pirate in Facebook World

Pirate Language Facebook

If you are bored with the all time same profile of the Facebook then you can sail in Facebook in a new interesting way by becoming a pirate and changing the view of your profile. Your timeline will be represented by Cap‘n’s Log, friends as my hearties, photos as portraits, like as Arr!, comment as Weigh in and many more. You can search scally wags, islands and other general things in the search option. It will make you wonder like a pirate sailing through oceans. How can you do this to your profile or timeline? It is very much simple to apply on your profile or timeline as you say. You can simply apply this feature to your profile by visiting Account settings and editing your language to English(Pirate) from the list of languages.

 5. Make your friends wonder by Upside Down on your Facebook profile 

Upside Down Language Facebook

Here is another feature that Facebook provides to you if you want to do something interesting with your profile and make your friends wonder about your unique profile. You can flip the words of your profile upside down as depicted in the picture. This is very interesting feature and you can feel that you are a different and unique user of Facebook. How can you use this feature to your profile or timeline? It is also very simple to apply this to your profile or timeline. You can easily do this by clicking on Account settings and go to Language and edit the language to English (Upside Down) and you will see everything is upside down in your profile. Try this amazing feature and enjoy the new version of your profile or timeline.

6. Use of “@” and “#” in Facebook

These are two new features which Facebook has introduced for better experience of tagging friends and relatives in various photos and their posts. You can tag anybody in your posts by just prefixing @ before the name of the person you want to tag like if you want to tag Mark Zuckerberg in your post then you should use @Mark Zuckerberg and you can easily tag him in your post. “#” feature is just similar like of “#” feature of twitter. Basically this feature allows you to highlight the name of a person, place, event or product name and then the highlighted word is considered as a category and all the post containing the same highlighted word will come in one category. Like if we prefix # before psyche like as “#psyche” then psyche will become a category and all the posts containing this #psyche will fall in the same category psyche. This is basically used to define a keyword under which we want to search an article or a photograph or anything that you want.

7. Have you downloaded your all Facebook data?

Download facebook data

This is one of the psyche and unknown fact of the most popular social networking website Facebook that we can fetch each and every detail of our Facebook account like photos, status updates, chatting details, friends details, likes details, detail of friends you have deleted and even the detail of your first day on Facebook. You can fetch this by requesting Facebook to download a copy of your Facebook data from your Account settings. Here below Language on left side there is a link to download the copy of your Facebook data. Click this link and follow the instructions and get your all Facebook data through an email.

8.Revealing the secret of Poke

What is Facebook poke?

Poke has been a mystery till date and Mark Zuckerberg has not revealed the concept of poke anywhere. He has left this un revealed concept of poke in the hands of the users so that they should make their own assumptions regarding Poke. This is the best one and Facebook users are so used to use the poke option without knowing that what actually they are using.

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