9 Ways to Freshen up your Bedroom

The bedroom is where your day starts and ends. You spend most of your time in your bedroom to relax and unwind. Whether alone or with your spouse, the atmosphere ought to be calm and soothing. After a long day up and down, everyone would love to come to a fresh and clean bedroom.

Here are some tips you can follow to freshen up your bedroom.

  1. Add Flowers

A simple addition of fresh flowers would do the trick. Get a vase that complements the rest of the room. You can either go for a single bold color or play around and mix different colors to brighten it up.

  1. Open window

Opening the windows is by far the simplest and cheapest way to freshen up your bedroom. Air out your room by opening the windows to allow fresh air in and out of the bedroom. Make it a routine but consider the weather.

While at it you can also get a quiet air filterer. It helps to filter any dangerous pollutants in the room.

  1. Clean and dust

Just because you have an excellent air filterer, don’t assume that your bedroom does not need dusting. Give your bedroom a good scrub and dusting. There are some spots that you might miss during your daily cleaning routine. Start with your nightstand; this is the closest place to your nose. Pay close attention to the headboard, windowsills, wall hangings and baseboards since these areas tend to accumulate more dust. Don’t forget the floor and the carpet if you have any. Vacuum your carpet and rugs to make sure no dust or dirt is left behind. Don’t forget the walls and doors. Arm yourself with detergents of your choice and give your bedroom a thorough cleaning and dusting. If you need a professional cleaning to renovate the bedroom fully, make an appointment with Eco Clean Madison and they do a marvelous job.

  1. Wash bedding

Can you imagine how much dust and dead skin your bedding carries? It’s quite a lot, and this can even be harmful to you health wise. The dust and dead skin accumulated can cause acne and Asthma in some cases. What this means is you need to wash your sheets, pillows, and duvets regularly.

Invest in quality bedding that is durable and easy to clean. One of the highly recommended sheets are the bamboo sheets. The best bamboo sheets come with several properties. Bamboo sheets are famous for there pre-shrunk property that makes them prone to washing. You can wash them as many times as possible without them shrinking.

  1. Air out Bed

Make it a routine to air out your bed before making it in the morning. It will freshen up the bed and the bedding. You can also flip the mattress for a more fresher feel. Fluff out the pillows once in a while and let everything air out before you make your bed.

While making your bed, tuck in your sheets tightly. Get rid of old sheets and replace them with new ones. Take your time to get the best out of this. Straighten your bedding and also treat your pillows with matching pillowcases and finish up with your favorite duvet. You will enjoy sleeping in a freshly and Neatly made bed. You will sleep like a baby.

Avoid using pillows or mattresses with hidden toxins.

  1. Chemical free pillows

Get yourself chemical free pillows filled with organic materials such as feathers and wool. You can also go for a natural latex foam. Avoid the ergonomic pillows that outgas Volatile Organic Compound which can cause nausea, eye irritation and sometimes headaches.

  1. Chemical free mattress

Invest in a flame Retardant-free mattress. They are known to be harmful. These chemicals are associated with fertility issues and some types of cancer. They are dangerous. Get an organic chemical-free one. Your mattress should be safe and comfortable.

  1. Clear your Nightstand

Don’t clutter your nightstand with unnecessary items. If there are books, you are done reading store them away and keep the one you are currently reading. Don’t turn your bedside table to a work space or station. You need a good night sleep without a reminder of your work and deadlines to beat.

You can have a set of drawers to help you store away some of the items you don’t need. Use your nightstand for a few essentials like your phone, glasses and a book.

  1. De-Junk

Clutter in any room of the house will make the room stuffy and untidy. Take out any furniture or clothes or items that are not needed. You will be surprised by the number of clothes in your closet that you don’t wear. Get a garbage bag and put all the clothes that you don’t wear and give back to the society and donate to charity. They would mean the world to someone out there. By doing this, you will not only tidy up your closet, but it gives you an excuse to go shopping.

Taking out the junk will freshen up your bedroom and create more space giving the room a refreshing feel.

Freshening up your room is therapeutic and soothing. Because the bedroom is meant to help, you relax and unwind after a long day. Take your time to clean and dust it for that refreshing feel. These little tricks will give your bedroom a fresh atmosphere. The thought of coming home tired and worn out to a cluttered bedroom can be stressing. It won’t cost you an arm and a leg to freshen up your bedroom neither do you need an expert to do it for you. You can comfortably do it yourself. If you need a hand, let your spouse or a friend help you out. We all have those items we hold on to for ages despite them being junk. That is why you might need someone to convince you to let go off those worn out and out-dated outfits or sandals. I know they might be of sentimental value but who are we kidding, you don’t wear them anymore. Maybe they don’t fit, or they are just too old and ragged.

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