A Solo Female Travel Guide from Asia To USA

Whether you are from an eastern or western background, as a woman when you will say that you want to travel alone there are millions of questions that you will have to answer. The reason is that most of the people think that traveling alone as a woman is not safe because of what has been happening around the world. Especially if you are Asian woman things can get even worse. Some of the people care for your safety and others just do not want you to go and live your dreams. 

As soon as you will talk about your desire of traveling alone and exploring the world you will notice that everyone will come with their own type of myth. However, getting a chance to travel to the USA is a like a dream come true for many ladies. To help you out here we have a complete guide that will help you travel solo as a female. 

Pay attention to baggage 

While traveling a common mistake that most of the women make is that they would pack everything. Most of the ladies think that they might need everything during the journey and so for a two-day trip, they might pack 7 to 8 outfits only to assure that they will have options. When you are going from Asia to the USA it might not be a decent option especially when you are traveling alone. The reason is that you will have to carry your baggage yourself. The lighter you will pack the better it would be for you to travel. 

Tips to avoid sexual harassment 

The biggest reason due to which most of the women do not like to travel alone is because of sexual harassment. Here are some simple techniques that can help you avoid such men. 

Female Travel Guide

  1. While talking it is better that you do not make eye contact with men because it can give the wrong signal. 
  2. Watching the movies, you might think that western women reveal most of their skin and you would love to dress up like that as well. Do not get fooled by what is shown in the movies and observe the local women. Assure that you properly cover the required amount of your skin. 
  3. It is better that you avoid the dangerous situations. Assure that you do not tell anyone that you are traveling alone. Share the taxi when you can and as the hotel staff to walk you to the car. 
  4. While on the bus or stress if you sense danger it is better that you walk with other women or a group of people.
  5. If you have to stand in the public transport you should choose the place near the door and keep your back towards the wall. 
  6. Assure that you learn self-defense techniques before going on the trip and keep a pepper spray near you all the time 
  7. It is better that you say you are married and always wear a fake wedding ring because it can protect you from most of the dangerous situations. 

Wisely select your accommodation 

While selecting your accommodation you have to be extra careful if you are planning to stay for a long time. It is better that you stay at your relative so that you will not have to pay for the expensive hotel charges. You can rent a small apartment if you do not have any relatives in the USA. In case you are only staying for a few days or a week it is better that you book the hotel in town. So that you can easily reach different location. look for different deals available online so that you can select the hotel that is perfect according to your budget. 

Types of visas and documents 

When you are traveling from Asia to the USA, it is important that you pay attention to the types of visas available and the one you should select. Some of the common types available are. 

  1. Business visa 
  2. Study visa 
  3. Tourist visa 
  4. ESTA 

If you are planning to go as a tourist it is better that you get the ESTA visa. It will need all the similar documents but you will get the opportunity to easily enter the USA for 2 years based on your ESTA Status. You can even renew the visa after it has expired. It is perfect for the women that are going from countries like Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore. Make sure that you check all the requirements before applying for the visa so that your application will not be rejected. Get all your documents approved by the experts because that is the only way they will be accepted. 

Look for cheap flights 

One of the most important things that you will have to do while traveling alone is to look for cheap flights. Most of the direct flights are very expensive and it will be hard for you to continuously sit on the flight for so long. It is better that you have a small stay in any other country so that you can relax your body and in this way, you will get the cheap flights. Do not waste your money on expensive flights when you can use it to have some extra un in the USA. 

Bottom line 

Make sure that you keep all your documents in a secure place because you will need them several times to prove that you are a tourist or student. Assure that you have the contact numbers of police, fire station, ambulance and other such services. Remember that emergencies can happen to anyone anytime and these are the only facilities that will provide you a quick help. When you leave the hotel in a cab assure that you click the image of the number plate and send it to your friend or family member so that if you get lost they will know where to lose for you.  

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