Five Things You Should Know About Dedicated Hosting

Picking the perfect hosting solution for your website is easily the most crucial decision which can make or break your brand. There are many solutions available for you to choose from but you need a solution that not only is the perfect fit for your business but provides you with the versatility you seek. This is where Dedicated Hosting comes in by giving you a server that will be exclusive only to you. To put it simply, a this is an arrangement between your organization and your hosting service provider, where the latter provides a physical server exclusively (dedicated) for running your applications.

Dedicated Hosting

So, to help you decide whether you should go for Dedicated Hosting or not, here are five things that you should know:

The Types

Before you decide on using this hosting for your business, you should know that there are two types of such hosting: Managed and Unmanaged.

In Managed Dedicated Servers, a separate company will handle the task of keeping your web server running. What you have to do is only send your data through the server and they’ll manage the rest. Whereas an Unmanaged server lets you be in complete charge of your server’s upkeep.

Better Security & Reliability

Since you are buying complete ownership of the server space for a time and can largely customize your dedicated server to your own needs, therefore it has better security.

In a such an arrangement, only you and your hosting service provider have access to the physical server on which your applications are hosted. Along with identity-based access to your hosting environment, your service provider will have surveillance cameras, biometric access control system, 24×7 patrolling, etc. for enhanced security. Also, as you don’t share a server and operating system with other tenants that’s exacty why no third party factors can compromise your security. Such extent of customization and control also keeps the downtime at a minimum as changes, upgrades, and repairs are almost always predictable and planned for.

Provides Full Control

One of the many benefits of dedicated hosting is that as you are the sole user of it, you’ll be able to have full control over it. You make key decisions associated with hardware and operating system, decide what site management tools you will use as well as your email system. It provides you with a high performance and secure solution. But keep in mind that the tools and applications that you use must be serviceable for your hosting service provider or it would lead to maintenance issues. Whether you get an Unmanaged or Managed server, you still possess the full control, specifically when it comes to software. This gives you the chance to make necessary changes and optimize the service depending on what works best for you.

Reliable Bandwidth

For your exclusive hosting environment, you will get the same bandwidth as you have leased, all the time. A reliable bandwidth available all the time ensures your applications are always up and running. You get burst ability options to cater to your unexpected spurts in traffic. In this hosting option, the service provider owns the overall SLA including resolution of hardware failures. The service provider has a team that provides support on a 24*7 basis, which is further backed by appropriate support and spares from the OEM and software vendors.

Choosing The Right Plan

Once you’ve decided that Dedicated Server Hosting is the one for you, the next step is to choose a provider to meet your needs. Temok is the ultimate answer to all your needs, provides you with all the necessary services and advantages that a beneficial service provider must assist you with. Aside from providing you with top quality hardware components, you have a flexible software, expect your uptime to be at 99 percent range, and you will also have readily available support from the provider. Of course, don’t forget the overall cost of the Dedicated Server Hosting. Temok provides you plans that range in price tags to accommodate your needs but never compromises on service.

Therefore, make sure you thoroughly research the market before opting for a service provider.


Your need to decide upon exclusive server needs is not solely dependent on the size of your brand/business. It’s high time to consider it especially when you begin to suffer downtime, and slow downloading and uploading speeds, or frequently exceed your allocated storage. Do note that your solution must be tailored to your needs for the best and most cost-effective result and to ease your search for a service like that, choose Temok to help and assist you in providing the best dedicated hosting services.

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