All About OSHA For Safety In Oilfield

Oil and gas workplace is always at the high risk of unidentified hazards such as fire explosion, fall off accidents, leakage of toxic substances etc. Employers in the oil industry should take care of the safety and health of their workers by providing them with proper teaching lessons on equipment and giving them training. There is an agency named as OSHA (occupational safety and health administration) that provides training to oilfield workers with a new technique.

OSHA For Safety In Oilfield

The mission of OSHA is to “assure safe and healthy environment for workers by setting standards and by providing training, outreach and education to them”. It does not specifically train the worker; it also set standards for an employer which assures the proper training and safety of their employees. Below is the list of some oilfield safety courses that OSHA provides to the worker of the respective field.

OSHA Front End Loader Training

OSHA offers numerous courses on the safety of worker and front-end loader training is one of those courses. This training covers basic forklift operations such as the lifting of large equipment, lifting of big cylinders fill with gas and oil, etc. This training is a combination of classroom instructions, written test and practical application. Advantages of this training are:

  • Workers learn the way to handle the loading materially carefully and with a proper strategy to avoid any accident.
  • Employees become familiar with many features of the loader and also learn to use it carefully.
  • The worker will learn to drive the loader in poor conditions.
  • The worker will learn the proper way to attach and detach the tools of the loader.

Fall Protection Training:

Employees in oilfield climb up the derrick many times in a day also they have to shift from one stair to another. Therefore the fall injuries are more common in the oilfield that can harm an employee. To overcome these accidental falls OSHA has set some rules and also providing fall arrest training to workers of the oilfield. Important points covered in OSHA training are:

  • It explains when and how to use fall protection
  • It tells everything about fall protection safety harness
  • It makes you familiar with construction site hazards
  • It tells you about all the risky sections for fall of your workplace
  • It will teach you to tackle the fall accident without getting damage.

Once you complete the fall training course you can protect yourself from an unidentified fall accident and will also learn proper use of safety harness.

Fire Protection Training:

Explosion and fire in worksites can be dangerous, and one should take the necessary steps to minimize it. As part of the oil and gas industry, you have a personal responsibility to assure your safety and of those who are around you. OSHA gives training for fire protection for the safety of oilfield workers in which it gives you lessons, taking your written test. Further it also includes a mock drill to make you familiar with the fire situation and the way to tackle it.  This training course also makes you aware of types of fire hazards that may happen at oil worksite.

There are more training courses which OSHA and many other agencies offer for the employee.  Training is a very important part for every worker who is working in the oilfield for their safety. Every employee of the oilfield must join a good training course according to their job can get labor card or certification of training which will help you to secure your job in the oil field.

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