An Exclusive Guide to promote video on YouTube


According to the statistics, YouTube has over 1 billion users which is 1/3rd of the total people on the internet. People spend hundreds of millions of hours every day watching videos. The number of hours people spent on watching YouTube videos is increasing at with huge pace. It is a great platform to promote any brand, product or service where one can present his work to millions of users.


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There are various strategies that can help you to marketize the brands through YouTube videos. The workable points to to promote video on YouTube are listed below:

  • Get the advantage of whatever available on the YouTube like adding relevant title, description and additional tags or keywords to the videos. A good and attractive title is one of the most important things that make a viewer to click on the video.
  • Encourage the audience to like, comment, share and rate the content using call to action.
  • Sharing your post with friends, family and relevant groups on other social media platforms can attract more audience. Ask them not only to watch but also to share the videos as this can help to reach wide range of audience.
  • Adding the videos to own blog or website is also beneficial.
  • Make your existing customers and clients aware of the available videos and encourage them to view those and share.
  • Making page related to the website can be another option to promote the work on social networking sites. Don’t forget to regularly update the page. Participating in different groups related to your niche is also good.
  • Don’t forget to list the YouTube videos or the YouTube channel to the various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. and focus on the various SEO strategies to promote further.
  • Try to make the relations with public using various techniques like guest blogging, commenting, forums and many more.
  • Promote the videos or the YouTube channel using print media like printed catalogues, brochures, sales materials etc.
  • Try to connect to the YouTube influencers and make good relations with them. Ask them to promote your videos but for this you may also need to pay them. Another thing you can do is to collaborate with other companies that are already using YouTube platform and try to target the same audiences.
  • To make paid promotions YouTube ads is an option. These ads appear before any video the user plays. Interesting thing is that you have complete control over the daily budget. This also have various targeting options like target by age, gender, locality, interests and more. Built-in-analytics helps to observe the performance of the ad

For promoting products, brand on YouTube all you need is more audience and more views on the videos. Unfortunately there is no magic spell to get audiences on the videos. All you need is to share that can help you to attract more users but you have an option to hire people to do this for you. Class15 is the huge influencer network from where you can choose different influencers, having a gigantic fan following list, according to your niche and hire them to promote your products. If you are looking for SEO Training in Jaipur, then DigiExe is the best institute to get it.

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