10 Essential Bath Tips for the Ultimate Relaxation

While many people consider a long hot bath to be a luxury their busy schedules can’t afford, it’s worth noting that this leisurely activity does come with some real health benefits. In addition to supporting good hygiene, when one is injured or has a knotted muscle, a warm bath can reduce the pain while relieving tension. The sweat which seeps from your skin helps to detoxify the body and, of course, the much-appreciated relaxation effect does wonders for your mental state, allowing you to better manage your sometimes chaotic days.

Bath Tips

With that in mind, why not spoil yourself and take your bath routine to the relaxation maximum. Read the following 10 tips and start planning your next blissful soak right now:

01. Preparation

Nothing will ruin the calming atmosphere of a bath quite like little bits of gunk floating around or a layer of slime between your body and the container. What’s more, this dirt can be dangerous as you may slip when you climb in and could seriously injure yourself. Your best bet is to give your bathroom a quick scrub to remove the grime while purchasing a bath step to ensure a safe and easy way to get in and out of the tub.

02. Temperature

This part of the journey is obviously down to personal preference, but there are some guidelines. Certainly, it can be tempting to blast the heat in hopes of mimicking that genuine sauna experience, but these high degrees may actually burn or dry out your skin. Rather top up the warmth until you find your sweet spot, then utilize a thermometer to remember your exact specifications for next time.

03. Sound

There is some debate about which audio choice is ideal for the bathing experience, but once again, it’s largely down to the individual. Some prefer the atmospheric sounds of nature, others like a slow classical vibe, and there are probably those who find some deeper peace in screamy death metal. Or perhaps you can’t imagine anything better than complete silence. Experiment with your pallet until you discover what works for your mind.

04. Lighting

Now it’s time to set the mood, so turn off the lights, shut those blinds, and seek out a dim ambiance. Candles are a classic favorite for good reason, but if you’re concerned about safety, you can achieve much the same effect with certain LED lights.

05. Products

What would the perfect bath be without those special ingredients? As with everything, your approach to the magic depends entirely on your own desires. If you’re looking for a relaxing aroma to soothe your nostrils, test out some scented essential oils. If you’re feeling the tension in your muscles, mix in a batch of bath salts to loosen the stress. Or if you’re simply looking for a bit of fun, throw in the bubbles and coloring.

06. Relax

Once you have everything in order, it’s time to climb in and enjoy what you’ve created. This could be the perfect opportunity to apply a face mask to clear out your pores. Use a relatively new sponge to scrub yourself clean. And consider acquiring a waterproof pillow so you can lie back and chill, 100% committed to the long soak.

07. Read

Bathing can be a good time to catch up on your reading, but try to avoid doing so on your devices. This is not only because you may drop them in the water, but also due to their negative effect on your melatonin production (which disrupts the sleep). Instead, read a hard copy novel to escape into a fantasy world or even a magazine to entertain your interests.

08. Snack

While you’re ticking off all of your senses, why not excite the taste buds too? Some strawberries or grapes are healthy options, but if bathing is not a regular occurrence, then there’s no harm in indulging your chocolate cravings once in a while. A cup of green tea will only further your relaxation, but no one will know if you sip on a glass of wine instead.

09. Exit

Once your bathing process has reached its natural conclusion, why ruin it with a damp dirty towel? Ensure this item has been cleaned for hygienic reasons and perhaps place it near a radiator for that extra warm texture. Always pat your skin rather than rub it as this avoids irritation, and dry yourself thoroughly in those hard to reach places otherwise bacteria may thrive and cause an infection.

10. Relax Again

Just because the bath is over, doesn’t mean the relaxation has to end! So slip on your warmest pair of pajamas and continue the rejuvenation with some light reading or climbing into bed, preparing your body for a wonderful tomorrow.

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