Beginners Guide for First Solo Backpacking Trip

The fear of traveling all by oneself is a nightmare to many. How to cope up with a new place, food, culture and people can give you sleepless nights before a trip. There is no comprehensive manual as such regarding Beginners Guide for First Solo Backpacking Trip. To help you out regarding a pleasant and organized trip some very important points can be discussed in brief. These points will boost your confidence to travel alone and make the journey memorable.

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  • Make Your Trip Pre Planned

It is always advisable to have the trip planned before executing in reality.Book tickets in advance to avoid last minute hassles. If you are going international then go through the airlines policy regarding luggage carriage requirements or any special instruction as provided. Reach early to the airport or train station on the day of travel for good.

  • Traveling Documents

Carry all your travelling documents, identity proof and keep them handy. Avoid putting these documents in the check-in luggage as you never know when you may need them.



  • Carrying Cash

It is always a dilemma and cannot be made certain to carry cash. It is advisable to carry less cash on you and look for money exchangers throughout the trip. An international debit or a credit card is very useful otherwise.


  • Travel Light

When you are travelling alone then do not stuff your backpack with unwanted things or things which you may least require in the journey. Be familiar with your rucksack and carry it light. This will help you move easily and you can avoid traveling for prolonged period with the weight. Make sure that your bag is made of light material with good internal padding. Be familiar with the strapping procedure. Do not get a rucksack bigger than you can handle. Chances of falling and tripping may increase owing to an oversized bag.


  • Avoid Unwanted Attention from Strangers

This is one of the important aspects that everyone should remember, especially when traveling alone. Do not start an unwanted conversation with a stranger and reveal all your travel plans at one go. You may never know what one is up to. Never showyour electronic gadgets, personnel belongings or cash that you are carrying in your rucksack to someone you do not know. Avoid using common WiFi as here are high chances of getting your details compromised. Keep your eyes and ears open and do not fall asleep without securing your luggage safely.


  • Behave and Discipline Yourself

Do not pick up a fight with your co-passengersor locals over trivial matters or as such any matters that can be solved easily. Resolve your problems sensibly and that should keep you out of trouble. Be aware of the substances banned in a country that has been explained clearlyin your itinerary.

  • Keep a Low Profile

Just don’t get into any of conversation that may spark a revolt. Keep a low profile and there is no point showing yourself off, unless you want to draw attention. There is no need to get into trouble like this, if you can avoid it. What more? We know you are smart enough to understand what we are trying to say here. Make a line and do not cross it. That will keep you safe and you will enjoy your trip over being suspicious of everything around you.

There is a lot that can be written about traveling alone. Follow the abovementioned points and execute themto make your trip worth remembering. There is no need to get worked up, but remember being safe means you know how to tackle things your way.

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