Five Best Robotic Vacuums to keep dirt from piling up on the carpet

Vacuum cleaners play a crucial role when it comes to the cleaning of our homes. Most reviews have been done on this subject, and it is evident that each robotic vacuum cleaner comes with a unique modification that makes it different from the other. Therefore, in this review, I will focus on five best robotic vacuum cleaners that can keep off dirt from piling on your carpet.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

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Shark Ion Robot 750
            This is among the best vacuum series that you can buy for your home. It has black, and grey finish .you can initiate cleaning by pressing a button on the app’s home screen.
Additionally, once you’re done the cleaning, you can view the number of cleaning cycles and the cleaning time on the history tab. It doesn’t have any sophisticated mapping navigation, but it uses infrared sensors to pick up information.

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            However, this navigation system results in incomplete cleaning patterns, and it can bump into walls and furniture because it lacks a clear path. Besides, it has a good battery life which allows it to clean for a more extended time. Additionally, it is excellent in picking pet hair from your carpets. The good thing about this vacuum cleaner is that you can use app controls. The the only aspect I think they should improve on is the navigation system so that it can clean the carpets thoroughly.

            You can control it using your smartphone.
             It has a HEPA filtration system.
            It is compatible with Amazon and Alexa.
            It has strong suction power.

            It lacks a mapping feature.
            It has a small dustbin.
             it doesn’t have wet mopping feature

iLife V3s pro
            This vacuum cleaner has one of the outstanding suction power which allows it to clean floors and carpets very well. It is affordable and user-friendly. Moreover, it is useful in cleaning pet hair that has been stuck in the carpets. It offers impressive navigation system which allows it to clean under the furniture. However you cannot remotely control it using your phone, but it is simplified to allow you to control its cleaning. Once it is charged, it can clean for more than 2 hours.

Deebot N79S/SE
            This vacuum cleaner offers multiple cleaning modes and quick motion which is a preferred versatile cleaning solution for your carpets and floors. It can thoroughly clean the room because it has an excellent cleaning path which is as a result of its smart motion technology. Additionally, It provides selective cleaning modes which increase its cleaning performance. For instance, auto cleaning mode is designed for general cleaning. This cleaning mode is for those areas that require intensive cleaning and edge mode is for cleaning only specific edges.
            It offers effortless cleaning because of the 3-stage cleaning system. It is capable of lifting more dust and debris especially on those on carpets because of its V-shaped brush.
            It is compatible with Amazon echo thus making it a smart home vacuum cleaner which you can control by using the home app.this allows you to control it anywhere at any time because you can monitor and schedule cleaning sessions.

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It has automatic charging feature which allows it to return to the dock station when it is out of power. You can also auto start it when it shuts down. Additionally, you can set a regular time for cleaning even when you are not around. This vacuum cleaner has active filters fitted with HEPA to provide a conducive environment for those people who are asthmatic because it can trap up to 99% of the allergens.
            Furthermore, it has sensors that allow it to navigate as it cleans around the furniture and stairs. Still, on this, it comes with obstacle detection technology which protects it from pumping into the room’s furniture.

            Strong suction power
            It has a HEPA filter system
            You can control it using your smartphone.
            It can be scheduled for a specific time.

            Has no Virtual walls
            It is noisy

Eufy BoostIQ Robovac 11S

It is a moderately priced vacuum cleaner which is ideal for an average budget. It comes with a simple setup, all you need to do is plug it into a charger, stick your batteries into the remote and slots in its two brushes, and you’ll be ready to begin your cleaning. It is also reasonably competent since it cleans the carpets very well because of its strong suction with a pressure of 1300 pa which makes it ideal to suck all the debris and dirt from your carpets.
            Additionally, it has a mixed bag which saves cleaning efforts. Besides, this vacuum cleaner is less technology savvy because you can easily control it using a TV remote.

            -Easy setup
            -provides efficient cleaning
            -Has no smartphone app
            -It lacks Alexa support
            -It had no mapping functionality.

Roomba 980
            This vacuum cleaner asks as much competition from its series but it is still among one of the best but vacuum cleaner you can buy for your home. It uses VSLAM which is a competent mapping technology. It comes with a user-friendly companion app which increases it’s a convenience and cleaning performance.
            This robot vacuum cleaner can also trace its back to the charging station when it runs out of power. Additionally, it has improved filtration system which is fitted with HEPA filters to trap allergens hence it is ideal for asthmatic users.
            However, it is a bit noisy when it comes to cleaning, and the circular shape hinders it from cleaning unreachable areas such as the corner of the room. If you are a pet owner, I would not recommend this vacuum cleaner for you because it is not good at picking trapped pet hair from the carpet.

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            The vacuum cleaners that I have mentioned above comes with a lot of benefits. They provide desired cleaning especially on carpets, floors, and upholstery. Therefore every household needs this efficient and reliable cleaning equipment. You need to consider buying a vacuum cleaner because it is a brilliant idea which is centered in making your home a conducive place to live.

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