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Google, the giant, the popular, the most used word in the world. Google it, Google it and just Google it. If we are stuck somewhere in middle of a question we just Google it. If we have to book our movie tickets we just Google it. If we have to download anything we just Google it. Am I Right? Yes obviously I am damn right.  We do not use any other search engine for searching anything on the web. Have you ever tried to give a thought to your mind that what actually is the meaning of Google and why the name Google and How Google has evolved?

Don’t be so impatient as here we are going to know about the history and past our loving and king in the most popular search engines that is obviously Google.


Start of the journey

How the journey started and how we are blessed with the amazing asset Google???

Larry Page and Sergey Brin

Some meetings and encounter can be so magical that these can create a magic in the world and one of the magical encounter was of the meeting of the Founders of the Google Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1995 when Sergey 21 was given a task of showing the Stanford campus to Larry 22 as he was considering it for admission.


I can bet that You do not know Google?

From 1996 they started working collectively on a Search Engine named Backrub and then 15th September 1997 they eventually bought the domain “”. Google is derived from a mathematical word “googol” which represents a figure equivalent to 1 followed by hundred zeroes. This year laid the stepping stone of the Google.

First Check to Google Inc.

In the year 1998 a series of happenings took place and Larry released newsletter to let the people know about the company happenings and details and it was named as “Google Friends Newsletter”. Google got its first check from Co-founder of Sun Andy. He signed a check of $100,000 for Google Inc. that eventually did not existed at that time. They then registered their company with the name Google Inc. and the check was deposited into the newly opened company’s account. They then started their workshop in the garage. In December 1998 PC Magazine included Google in their list of top 100 websites and search engine and spoken for the relevant results of the Google.


Google Doodle, Toolbar and first Award

India 2014 Vote Counting Day Doodle

The Google was growing now like anything and than in 2000 Google started their series of Doodles. They also announces that they can read peoples mind and presents the result accordingly and they named it as MentalPlex. In May 2000 Google receives recommendation as Webby Awards for Peoples voice & Achievement in Technical field. They also releases the toolbar at the end of the year in which users can search without opening the home page of Google.


Google images, First International Office and Google Zeitgeist

Google Office

In the year 2001 Google launches Google images satisfying users to see 250 Million images. They also opened up their first international office in Tokyo, Japan in August. At the end of the year Google showcases the Google Zeitgeist which allows us to see what the users had searched in the whole year.

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Blogger, Adsense, Adwords, Google Books, Google Shopping

The year 2002 & 2003 were terrific years for Google as Google acquires the most used free blogging platform Blogger. They upgraded the Adwords and launched Adsense by which people like us can earn. Google launched Google shopping and Google books these years.


Here comes Orkut, Gmail, Picasa and Google maps

Here comes the once most popular social networking site Orkut in the year 2004 which allows to make new friends and chat with them and shares their views with each other. Gmail is the most popular mailing service now a days and April 1st of 2004 was the day it was launched for us. Picasa as we know the widely used the online picture manager is acquired by Google in these years. Here comes the revolution Google acquires Keyhole which later on become Google map and now Google maps are there in every mobile device and showing the way to everyone. What an achievement of Google is this.

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Youtube, Google Trends and Best Company to work

Years 2006-07 make the Google the best place to work upon and it was known for its lush green, environment friendly and awesome offices by Fortune. They launched the service which tells us about the latest trends of the market searches globally and locally. Youtube the site we all frequently visit and watch videos acquired by Google in these years. Thanks Google for making Youtube so vibrant to use. Android also started its journey from the year 2007.


Street view, Google voice and Google TV

The years 2008-09-10 were the years of the real advancement in technology of web and search. Google launches street view in which you can now see yourself from Google maps. Google voice becomes the voice of the world and enables us to search by voice commands. You were able to access TV channels with ease on mobiles and PCs with the launch of Google TV in 2010. These technologies have really revolutionized the web world.


Google in Mobile Market

Google and Android

Google started focusing on mobile market after launching Android to make the mobile view so convenient and easy to use and operate so that you can get each and everything in your hands. The various versions of Androids allowed the users to experience the best mobile experience ever. The key factor of Android is that you can make applications of your own for your use.

That was the Google past and the Google Present is that we are using and Google Future is what Google is planning to do in near future. Google is the rising up so fast in terms of technology and information that the founders of Google both Larry Page and Sergey Brin are listed as one of the most powerful people of the World and in reality they are as they know each and everything about us. At last we love Google.

We Love Google

This was the History and Past of our beloved Google and do Follow us on Google+ .

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