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Dedicated Servers

5 Advantages of Choosing Dedicated Servers

There are a lot of options for large and small businesses for their hosting needs,  web application, or email server. The most common option that most of the companies use is shared hosting, where a single server hardware resources are shared by...

Is NBN ready to face the 5G threat

Is NBN ready to face the 5G threat?

Mobile Broadband is already threatening fixed broadband connections, offering better speeds, quicker connections and near price parity. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission(ACCC) published their Communications sector market study, and NBN’s future already looks shaky. The report, which focuses on the fixed broadband...

Productivity Apps

Stay Productive with These 5 Apps

Staying productive at work and home comes as a result of being able to do more with your time. Technology companies have realized that there is a market demand for applications that provide a boost in productivity. The advent of the smartphone...

Secure Ways to Wipe data on your Hard Drives

Secure Ways to Wipe data on your Hard Drives

Formatting your hard drive may seem an easy task but eventually, takes a lot of time and effort for permanent erasing the data. People usually prefer the conventional methods to wipe the crucial data stored on their drives, which is quite risky....

7 Gadgets Everyone Over 50 Should Own

7 Gadgets Everyone Over 50 Should Own

With everything going digital these days, nobody wants to be left behind, least of all the over-50 generation. It is, therefore, no surprise that there is a steep increase in the demand for the electronics gadgets and appliances, especially among the people...