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Diwali Greetings Wallpapers

Diwali :: One of the World’s Biggest Festival

When the roads around are filled with sparkling lanterns, when the crowd has come out on streets either for the purpose of shopping or for paying visits to their relatives’ place, when the t-points are lighted with beautiful earthen lamps, when temples...

CIA Central Intelligence Agency, United States of America

10 Top Intelligence Agencies of the World

Intelligence Agencies are the backbone of any country. Though there are no actual figures and data about the system of working and operations and purposes of different intelligence agencies of the world but we can figure out what actually these intelligence agencies...

The de beers centenary diamond


Diamonds are the one of the major symbol of the pride and prestige of the Kings and Queens in the older times and this is also true in today’s world. Rich and dignified people used to keep the finest and rare diamonds...