Ways To Complete Your Bucket List

Creating a bucket list is probably your way to measure the progress of your life goals. I happen to have the same definition. Every year, I personally cross out things I have achieved in a notebook I have owned since high school. My bucket list is a mix bag of everything, from an adrenaline junky activity, romantic desires up to my travel goals. They are all fun and exciting things, some I even got the idea from watching movies. They are part of my bucket list because they push me to my limits, dangerously adventurous, spiritually enlightening and passionately daring. Every item signifies a progress I personally set for myself.

Bucket List

But I noticed, I add around five items every year, but only ticked one or two items in my bucket list every time I take a look at it. I’m not sure if I am going lazy and just waiting for the apple to fall from the tree. It got me worried because bucket lists are meant to be accomplished before your existence fades away. We only live once, and I want to challenge myself to finish all of it or at least most of it, before I end my 20s.

So I did research and compiled some effective ways to complete a bucket list. I will share them with you because I would like to encourage you to live a memorable and significant life.

Start today

Do not bargain for some more time; it will not wait for you. Make actions today that will lead to the fulfilment of your bucket list. Any progress, big or small, is still a progress. You can start by researching about how to achieve your goal. If one item in your list is to reach the summit of Mt. Everest, then you better start training yourself for the physical demands of such expedition. Join hiking trips that aims to reach the summit of your local mountain. Start taking steps, even baby steps that leads to the realization of your goal. Begin small, finish big.

Start with free

You probably included some goals in your list that can be done for free. For example, I have an item in my list that says “Confess To Your Crushes” (yes, I have multiple crush) or “Learn To Play The Piano.” This kind of goals can be achieved free without spending anything but your confidence, time and patience.

Save and Protection

Save money and create a fund for particular goals. Some goals can be financial demanding like my intention to travel all around Europe via train. I don’t intend to travel there on a budget. I want to experience culture, lifestyle and fashion the EU way and I know it will cost me money. It will probably take me more than a year to finish this and will cost me a liver and a kidney. So I opt to save money, be thrifty until the right time comes.

In addition, I don’t want to be hold back by unforeseen circumstances so I am planning to avail insurance. I had a ton of travel goals and daring adventures in my list, so I opt to enrol for a travel insurance. There are different types of travel insurance that accommodates a variety of possible travel setbacks. Choose the one that fits your purpose and needs. There should be no one, not even a thing to hold us back.

Be Healthy

In order to complete your bucket list, you need to be healthy. I’m pretty sure some of your items are physically demanding. Taking care of your health will keep you qualified on physical condition that may be required by your goal. I happen to include joining a marathon, which means I need to reach a certain physique that is nearly equivalent to an Olympian. The very reason why I intent to realize this goal at the last. 😀

Create a Schedule or Deadline

It can be difficult to finish anything when you know it can be done anytime. Make a deadline or at least a timeline for each goal in your bucket list. This will prevent our typical human excuse of “Someday Syndrome.” A deadline will also allow you to see the kind of progress and direction of your bucket list. It will make things more organized because you will know what to prioritize.

Purpose of Each Items

Each of the goals I have in my bucket list has a purpose. I included “Learning 5 Languages on Certain Degree”, because I want to gain friends from all around the country and language proficiency can benefit your professional career. Bucket list should not be just about accomplishing amazing feats but it is a creative way to develop your character and values. Be mindful about the kind of values you are going to earn in each goal to make your list more meaningful. This list have the ability to make you grow as a person.

Never forget

Last but certainly not the least, do not forget about your bucket list. It is easy to be overwhelmed by daily struggles and change of perspective but if you are determined to finish them off integrate them in your monthly goals. That way your bucket list is not going to be just a trivial list made by your innocent version. Rather a list of things that determine how far you have come in life and the progress you have achieve while still in existence.

I have come to be committed on the bucket list. It is my way of objecting about the societal norm of leaving behind your childhood. That “adulting” is about plainly surviving the demands of daily lives and merely paying your bills on time, going to work every day or trying to earn 6-digits worth of a salary. At the very least, I hope I am able to persuade you on creating and completing your bucket list. Live your life to the fullest and die with a sense of fulfillment. Just like what millennials say nowadays, YOLO, you only live once.

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