Cricket Equipment Essentials for Beginners

ahulCricket is a great sport to get into, particularly for children looking to get active and make new friends. If your kids are willing to give it a go, then the right gear will make sure that they are safe and that they fit in just fine. Every sport comes with its own equipment requirements, and cricket was never going to be an exception!

Rahul Dravid (India)

Consequently, here’s a quickfire list of essential cricket equipment your child will need to have a good time.

Cricket Whites

Children can be especially nervous when they’re about to start a new activity away from their parents or familiar friends. Still, if they’ve agreed to partake it means there is something in cricket that appeals to them, and you should try to hone in on this to boost their confidence. While it can be tempting to send them to practice in a t-shirt and jeans until they get the hang of the sport, it’s not advisable or practical.

In the same way that dressing as a Jedi may inspire them to play some Star Wars, if they look the part for cricket, they’re more likely to be raring to go and feel as if they belong. Pick up a pair of cricket whites that will make them believe that they’re just as good as Freddie Flintoff as soon as they’re put on. With this new air of confidence, the battle is already half won!

Cricket Bat

While a child is just getting used to the game of cricket, batting is the part that appeals to them the most. Therefore, it is important to make sure your child has a cricket bat, so they can step up to defend the wickets. While the club you’ve chosen may provide a cricket bat on the day, your child may want to practice at home, so pick one up for this reason too.

Cricket bats come in many different shapes and sizes, so do your research online to figure out what might be best for your child and confer with others too. Factors such as their height, skill, your price range and whether a hard or soft ball are being used should all factor into your decision. Hardballs can crack bats not crafted to take the blow, so ask your child what they want, get advice from their coach and even observe the opinions of online people so you can make an informed choice.

Protective Gear

While cricket isn’t an extremely dangerous game, like most sports, a few knocks and scrapes can be expected. The chances of this go up slightly when the starters soft ball is changed for the standard hardball, which can travel much faster and, obviously, hit harder. Consequently, all those batting need to adorn a few extra bits and bobs to keep them safe.

A helmet, protective pads, gloves and a box all need to be worn so that your child can be safe while they’re having fun. Some bowlers can launch the ball at incredible speeds, and while your child won’t be playing with the pros, the rock solid ball can go through the air like lightning from a normal hard throw too. Therefore, consider picking up the right equipment with Talent Cricket, who have everything you need. Such gear will ensure your child has a safe experience and a fun time!

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