Different Types of Replacement Engines and their Pros and Cons

A replacement engine becomes the necessity of your car if the engine under the bonnet of your car isn’t running smoothly. This is the time you would probably visiting different garages or workshops to get your car back on the road as quickly as possible. Well, one of the most amalgamating questions we get asked about is which is the best replacement engine? Alright, I’ll get onto it.

So, if you are shopping around for a car engine, picking out the right type of replacement engine according to the size of your pocket is something you must fix your gaze on. There are four different kinds of replacement engines including

  1. Reconditioned engine
  2. Rebuilt engine
  3. Crate/New engine
  4. Used/Second-hand engine

Let’s take note of each of them one by one. Get ready to jump into this:

1. Reconditioned Engines

Reconditioned or remanufactured engines are the type of replacement engines which have been gone rigorously through the reconditioning process.

Remanufactured engines, as their name depicts, are the units that went through the detailed process of reconditioning.

Process of Engine Reconditioning

Engine reconditioning is, no doubt, a prolonged process and it involves three steps.

On the first move, the engine is taken out of the vehicle completely. Straight after that, the engine is broken into parts and every piece is cleaned rigorously in order to get rid of all the oil, grease and dirt. The engine block, connecting rod and crankshafts are also brushed off in the first phase of reconditioning. Remember, the cleaning and brushing process is not as easy as falling off a log. That being the case, everything is performed by the experts in modern garages.

In the second phase, reconditioning of the engine is done with utter care. That means, each part of the engine is checked out for drawbacks, failures and defects, if any. Along with the thorough examination, the flawed parts are replaced with the new ones. For the case of less defective fragments, small repairs are carried out. Later then, the friction between the parts is reduced by burnish the sides of the each part.

The reconditioning process now reaches the destination. If you spend a moment just talking about the third and last stage of engine reconditioning, you can make the case that all the disassembled parts are reassembled in this phase. The skilled engineers, in this stage, make use of the high-tech gear and computerized equipment so that the testing and the fitting of each parts is done flawlessly. During the process of reassembling, everything is done in accordance with the guidelines provided by the OEM.

You might be in a brown study about why reconditioning is done with so much care? Yes, I got you. Alright, just pump the brakes off the reconditioning process. The technicians, throughout the procedure, bring about the reliability and durability tests to check out weather the output given off by the remanufactured engines is up to the par or not. The newly reconditioned engine is not given the thumbs up until or unless it has passed every single test.

There are no two ways about the fact that remanufactured engines are sky-high as compared to the rebuilt and used engines. In terms of the effectiveness, remanufactured engine is simply majestic. Because of this reason, more warranty span is offered for these units. They perform on the road in a way that you could expect from a nascent engine. That’s exciting, isn’t it?


Remanufactured engines offer high level of quality at low cost.

They have a warranty to protect you against the early damage.


Remanufactured engines are not new. Even if the warranty alleviates some of the financial risk of a breakdown and more repair work, it may not offset the level of frustration you can feel in case of any major damage in the recent future.

2. Rebuilt Engines

The rebuilt engines are not completely scattered into the parts as that of remanufactured engines. Besides, such engines are partially taken down to inspect thoroughly. All the major and minor flaws are removed and damaged or faulty parts are replaced with new and fully functioning parts having same but reliable features.

For efficient working of the engine, all the knotty chunks are fixed. Still and all, the faulty parts are also fixed, for the engine to run like a cheetah. The rebuilt engines are quite parallel to the used engines and are in ready to be fitted condition.

The cost of such engines differs how the engine rebuilding has been done; with the garage to garage in regard to the condition and reliability. Obviously, an unprofessional mechanic will rebuild not that much competent engine as that of a proficient and skilled mechanic. Thus, the replacement cost depends upon the proficiency of the technician. Although, rebuild engines are not so worthy because of the doubt that these engines can suffer damage again. Regardless of the professionalism of the experienced technicians, the rebuild engines can carry age-old wear and tear symptoms in the company of intense cracks.


Again, high performance can be expected within low budget coupled with warranty.


Rebuilt engines are not entirely replaced with the new parts, so still the risk of damage remains as compared to the remanufactured engines.

3. Crate/New Engines

Crate engines are usually mixed up with remanufactured or rebuilt engines, but this isn’t the truth. Well, crate engines are brand new engines made by the manufacturers for the older vehicles and late models. A crate engine is just all set to run upon insertion. You can make the argument that a crate engine has covered nought miles at all.

The crate engines are new in a sense that all the internal parts are new with used external parts. And they aren’t new due to the fact that they just rolled off the maker’s assembly line. Crate engines are labelled as crate due to the reason that these engines are supplied to the dealers on the crates. It might seem a bit weird to you, but the crate engines are very much costly. That being the case, the crate engines are sometimes cost even more than the vehicle’s price. That’s open handed trade, isn’t it?

One of the perplexing questions people get asked about is that what exactly the difference between a brand new engine and a crate engine. Alright, in case of a new engine, all of the inner and outer components are brand new and unused. However, that’s not the case with the crate engine. The inner components in a crate engine are new but outer parts are used. Many of the automakers create these engines for the late models. However, these units are available for the dealers only, in general. Aside from the high-tech applications, these engines are also used for several stock applications as well. As far as the price of crate engine is taken into account, these units can eat your pocket up. Their price can range from £5000 to a corpulent £12000. Whoa!


The best performance and output.


The cost of crate engines is sky-high. You can’t get your hands on crate engines easily. I kid you not.

4. Low Mileage Used/Second-hand Engines

Low mileage Used/Second-hand are the cheapest engines amongst all the kinds of replacement engines. Alright, let me explain used engines in layman’s terms. A used or second-hand engine is basically wrenched out of a vehicle to be fitted into another similar model again.

Generally, these engines are pulled out of the damaged vehicles and insurance write-offs. There might be a huge gap of covered mileage between the new and older models.

Some parts may be available with the second-hand or used engines such as injectors, manifolds etc. However, it would be multum in parvo indeed to make the use of only the original parts because of the reason that it would be easy. Yes, you heard it right. Can you leave insurance out of this? Surely not. There is no warranty on the engine parts left over.

In the event of an engine breakdown, the motorists lay their eyes on the replacement of the vehicle in spite of the fact that replacement of engine is much more reliable and cost-effective solution. Be that as it may, used engine can be the best possible solution if its condition is up to scratch.


By purchasing a low mileage second hand engine from a wreck, one would get an engine that has lots of life in it at pocket friendly rates.


No matter what you call it, but these are used engines which means that the performance would depend upon the mileage. If the engine have higher mileage, there is no surety of the smooth working afterwards.

Now is the time for a big question. Yes, how to buy a replacement engine according to your budget? Alright, hold on. Here are some things you should take a note of before buying a replacement engine for your car. Alright, let’s get into this:

Selecting the right type of Replacement engine which suits your car?

Once you have got your vehicle’s engine inspected by any professional technician, the next task is choosing the accurate type of replacement engine for your car and pocket as well. For this case, ask the mechanic to suggest the accurate type of replacement engine for your car. Now, it’s up to the knowledge of the mechanic that what he proposes; whether a recon, rebuilt or a low mileage second hand engine, just keeping in view the length of your pocket.

Be that as it may, according to experts, picking out a remanufactured or a rebuilt engine is fruitful decision because of the reliability and frugality these units offer on the road. And for the case of low mileage used engine, the reliability factor bears less weightage.

Give the reason for the failure of the original engine a look-see

Yes, you heard it right. Just figuring out why the previous engine got damaged will hit the nail on the head. This way, you would be able to save the newer replacement engine from the same situation that the previous engine went through with. If you are not into the vehicles to the greater extent, get the services of your mechanic to find out the cause of engine failure.

There is also a possibility that the damaged part of your engine could be replaced or might be fixed. It can be convenient for you to replace some parts instead of replacing the whole engine. That’s parsimonious, isn’t it?

Move into the online market to search for a replacement engine

Once you have decided to get your car a nice and enthusiastic replacement engine, go for a trustworthy online platform where you can get a bunch of options according to the size of your pocket. There are plenty of online shops where you can get crackerjack replacement engines at pocket friendly rates. You can compare the prices, durability through warranty offered by them. Comparing the prices from two or maybe three online shops and getting a quote from them would allow you to pick out the best deal for your car. Do look for other services such as supply and fit, these can also be useful to some extent. 

Keep durability above the price at any cost

The towering majority of the motorists would vote for the cheapest prices but that’s not something you must pin your hopes on if you want the engine to run smoothly on the road. That being the case, always go for the reliable engine for your car (though the price would be little higher but it would save you from any hectic after buying the engine).

Just put on your thinking cap in case you need to get your car run smoothly on the road, so get your car a qualitative replacement engine. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

In case you have got caught up in the catch-22 of engine failure, vehicle replacement is not something you should fix your gaze on. Instead, go for the replacement of engine by giving all the types of engines a look-see to choose the best option for your pocket. Now that you have investigate all the things, you can pick the right type if replacement in accordance with the size of your pocket.

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