5 Use Of Electric Wireline Services you should know!

An electric wireline is a strong cable that is put down into the well or tubing to perform well lodging tasks. However to lower down the equipments different kind of wireline tools are used. These tools are designed in such a way that they can easily fit into the wireline and wellbore to perform the desired work. Wire lines have many uses like to pull tubing or rods, cut paraffin wax from the well, swab the well fluids, and more.

Electric Wireline Services

Wireline services are of two types which are electric wireline and non-electric wireline services. Further, Electric wireline can be a single conducting cable or group of many conducting cables which are isolate from each other.

Electric wireline become an important part for completing the well and its workover operations. Here are list of some uses of wireline for wellbore.

Help in removing paraffin deposit inside the well

Crude oil consists of many other products like presence of wax, asphaltic and resin compounds. In many crude oil wells due to reduction of pressure and temperature paraffin wax get deposited inside the tube or well. So, it is important to remove the deposited wax or paraffin time to time to prevent the plugging of well tube. With the help of electric wireline services this wax can be scratched out without any harm to casing of well.

Inspection Of Casing And Tubing of well:

It is necessary to inspect the well bore for any corrosion or damage which may result in future problem for well. Electric wireline used to inspect the casing of the well. By monitoring the direction and magnitude of entering and leaving electric current inside the well the amount of corrosion can be measured. It will also inform you about the iron lost from well due to corrosion. By using this information you can protect your well from further corrosion. But while removing corrosion take care of the following things:

  • Scrape the well slowly and carefully in stages.
  • Allow the well to flow continuously for efficient removal of cuttings.
  • Once you scratch the corrosion apply a patch at that area.

To Seal The Borehole:

A wireline can use to seal or isolate the borehole by apply some patches in the well at site of hole. Electric current signals of wireline sense the place of hole and then with using appropriate tool with it a patch on hole can be applied. Hence it will protect any kind of leakage from well.

To Install And Retrieval Of Safety Valve:

Safety valve is use in well to automatically shut in the flow of the well in case of top surface door of well get damage. To install this valve in downhole electric wireline is used. It install the valve without providing any harm to well or valve sensors. In the same way valve can be retrieve with the help of wireline.

To Obtain Well Information:

Well Statics like fluid pressure, property of underground fluid, bottomhole temperature and pressure can be measured with the help of wireline. Wireline is inserted down the hole and then measure the current-pressure relation to know downhole pressure. In the same way temperature- current relation can tell the downhole temperature.

Wireline services have many other uses too which help to make perfect and error free oil and gas well. It improve safety and efficiency of well. It also helps to reduce downtime of the machines like drill rig that can be used for well measurements and maintenance. Use wireline with care to get the best results for your well.

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