Ways to Ensure Your Business is Ready for the Winter Months

While for many Winter is a time of Christmas and cosiness, for others it can be a nuisance as well. This is particularly true for businesses, whose operations can be stalled and crippled as employees arrive late or not at all and generators start giving up. It’s a season of significant struggle, but the effects of it can be soothed.

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Consequently, here are three ways to ensure your business is ready for the winter months.

Patience and Acceptance

Getting into work can be a hazardous affair come winter time. Obviously, ice can coat the footpaths and roads, thick snow can build up in doorways, and if the winter weather is bad enough, it can even delay and cancel train services, leaving people stranded. For people needing to get to work, none of this is the least bit ideal, and it can be extremely dangerous too.

Therefore, you should spark up an open conversation with your employees beforehand. Discuss what delays or travel restrictions are likely to be incurred and, while it might be a tough pill to swallow, simply accept them if they’re unavoidable. Being a tough, uncompromising boss in this temporary scenario isn’t going to do anyone any favours, and you may risk putting your employees in danger. Which leads on to the next point nicely…

Safety Procedures

If your employees feel like there is no wiggle room and must at all costs make it into work on time, then this can lead to some serious accidents. They may drive too fast on an icy road or walk too quickly on a treacherously snowy footpath, and subsequently get into an accident. Put simply, you should discourage these extreme measures and implement safety plans instead.

Perhaps consider implementing a work from home scheme, so stuck employees can still crack on from the comfort of their own home. Additionally, you can cover the nearby roads and car park in grit, so your workers have an easy time arriving to and departing from work. Perhaps just let people arrive a few minutes late so that they can drive and walk slower on the roads and pathways too. In any winter event, put safety first. 

New Equipment

Winter doesn’t just stall the timeliness of employees, it can also start chipping away at the efficiency of your machinery too. Even if there’s a lack of snow, the icy winds are sometimes enough to do some damage; particularly to company property that’s powered through electricity or other fuel sources. Consequently, you need to be prepared here too so you’re not lumbered with frozen up machines.

While your generators won’t be used until the power goes out, there’s nothing worse than total darkness as the cold creeps in, and the generator only then not providing its designed backup. However, SGS provide a range of highly efficient generators, offering sound replacements for when your prior generator bites the dust. You could service the equipment to make sure it’ll work in times of need, but if it’s an older make, it’s best to just replace it with a fresh model to guarantee its functioning.

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