Why Buying More Expensive Clothes is Worthwhile

Sometimes, there can be stigma around purchasing expensive items; especially ones deemed ‘non-essential’. After all, there’s always a back and forth debate about whether expensive clothes are needed or not. Then again, it’s all a subjective point of view anyway!

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Still, what’s the point of working hard and earning money if you can’t spend your well-earned cash on what you want? There’s nothing wrong with occasionally splashing out some expensive clothes, and it can even be beneficial!

Consequently, here are a few reasons as to why buying expensive clothes can be worthwhile!


Fashion is all about trends, but of course, not everyone likes to live within those confines. People wear what they like, as is their right, and you shouldn’t live as an exception. You may know whether an item of clothing is right for you just by seeing the design, so if you can afford it and you like it, don’t let the price tags put you off.

Expensive clothes will often be of a rarer stock and possibly available for a limited time, so the designs are totally unique. This can be a worthwhile draw, as while it can be a nice ice breaker to be wearing the same thing as someone else, there’s really no benefits for it beyond that event. However, a more original design can help you feel like you’re building your own identity, and that’s quite a valuable experience to have! 


Expensive clothes are a great investment, even away from an aesthetics viewpoint. For example, Belstaff jackets will be of better quality and more long lasting due to better materials, expert sewers and well-trained craftspeople. Cheaper clothes might satisfy some, but they’ll need to be replaced more often which may yet even out the comparative spending between expensive and cheap clothes.

Additionally, better quality often provides more comfort. Richer materials have a very soft texture, which is great to either touch or wear. Additionally, an expensive suit for example can be tailor made to your body measurements for a perfect fit, whereas a cheaper suit will fit loosely, look a bit baggier and generally hang off the body instead of being moulded to it. Therefore, the benefits in the quality of expensive clothes are always noticeable. 


It might seem like a cheesy answer, but anything that raises one’s self-esteem without infringing on the wellbeing of others is a good investment. Sometimes, you’re well within your rights to buy that thing you like in the shop window, no matter what it is. Little rewards can really boost your happiness every now and then, and there’s no reason to live a poorer lifestyle if you have the means to splash out on occasion.

There is something nice about buying something expensive, especially when it feels earned. It’s not a purchase out of selfish greed or to spite another person; it’s just something to boost your confidence. Really, that’s all clothes really come down to, and so long as you’re not coming across a show off (which has more to do with attitude), you’ll be fine. If buying that pricey item of clothing will give you something to smile about, go for it!

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