Top Benefits of Having a Facebook Page for Your Business

Facebook has evolved in the past couple of years from a simple platform used by friends, family and acquaintances to socialise to a valuable marketing strategy that every business owner has an eye on. Facebook is helping businesses boost their brand in a number of ways. One useful way is using a Tec savvy algorithm that assesses each like, share or comment on a user’s timeline including the videos or images they see, and using this information to create a personalized profile on the individual and then targeting them with ads or business posts that are relevant to them. There are plenty of other tools including social media analytics or Facebook like counter that can help businesses owners to take their business to the next level with the help of social media. For these and many other reasons that we shall discuss below, Facebook continues to be one of the top social media platforms that helps to create awareness for your brand.

Top Benefits of Having a Facebook Page for Business

Brings You Closer to Your Target Audience

Facebook has over 2 billion users, it’s near impossible not to find a few consumers who will connect to your business idea. However, simply having a few people comment and like your idea is not enough, especially given how competitive businesses can get on social media platforms. An ideal marketing strategy is one that has long lasting effects. That being said, it’s important to connect with your readers on Facebook and outside of social media. Most businesses extend their connection in the form of emails, newsletters, contests or giveaways. All these will bring you a step closer to having customers that will stick around for a long.

Reach Your Desired Audience

2 billion users is a big number and trying to reach all these people can be daunting if not impossible. Chances are that your business product or service is not for everyone and is relevant for a selected few. Facebook helps a little in delivering your message to interested parties based on their personal profile as pointed out earlier. You can also help target the right audience by targeting your ads locally, for instance ensuring that they are seen by people located with a 20 mile radius. Alternatively, you can backlink your posts to other sites or posts that share information that is just as valuable and in keeping with your brand message enabling you to reach a wider audience with similar interests.

Facebook Insights

If you are not good with numbers don’t worry, Facebook’s sophisticated algorithms can help you gain helpful insights into your business and ultimately determine its growth and changes that need to be taken to optimize it. Some useful insights that Facebook can give you include the number of Facebook shares or likes that you have, engagement on the page, performance of your page, your audience reach and many more. Use this to gauge the success of your social media campaign and make the necessary changes for better results.

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Get Loyal Customers

Aside from reaching your consumers and selling them products or services, Facebook can help you build solid relationships with your consumers. See readers are receptive to businesses that post relevant and entertaining content on a regular basis. As it is today, most people first go online in search of the product or service that they desire before they visit the store. If a reader stumbles upon your page and sees that you post useful content ever so often, they are more likely to take you seriously and be loyal to you than a brand that has no online presence or that is dormant on the social media platforms.

Bring More Traffic to Your Website

While it is beneficial to engage your readers with posts on Facebook, the campaign should not end after getting a few likes and comments. Smart markets use their online presence to drive more traffic into their websites. Sharing links to your website is part and parcel of any Facebook marketing strategy. Once your readers get to your website they can learn much more on your business and hopefully make a few purchases.

Makes Your Business Mobile Friendly

Most people assess Facebook on their handset. This makes it important to have your business site mobile friendly. The good news is that Facebook takes care of this for you as it has the capability of optimising your site for use on mobile and desktop devices. When readers view you Facebook page on a Smartphone, they are able to see the company’s address, open hours, reviews and contact information. The only exception is custom tabs on your website that can only be seen on a laptop or desktop but not on a mobile phone. With just a few clicks on their mobile phones, your users can know a lot about your business just about anywhere.

Affordable Marketing

Setting up your Facebook profile is free. This is a big plus compared to other marketing strategies that require some down payment before you even get results, and chances are you won’t get your money back should the campaign flop. Moreover simply posting a photo from your work place or a video of what goes on behind the scenes will go well with your readers. The hustle and expenses of hiring a professional graphic designer or content writer is not all that necessary. Your audience will appreciate the raw and unfiltered efforts that go into your business. Even if you do choose to pay for a Facebook ad, it is still more affordable when compared to print, radio, or TV ads, and the ads posted on Facebook are significantly more targeted. When you run an ad on TV, there is no sure way on knowing that your brand message will get to your target audience. Yes the viewers maybe be many but the specific aspect of who is watching is missing; a valuable feature that Facebook can offer you. Reaching your target audience is key to optimising your business.

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