Pros and Cons of a Home Fire Burglar Alarm System

Home security systems are placed in residential homes in order to safely secure all entry points such as doors and windows as well as safeguard inner chambers of the house which may be storing valuables such as weapons or money.

We all know the reason as to why most people enforced such security measures into their home despite all police and security personnel deployed in every locality. Well, for one, these so-called security personnel and police are always a call away. Also, a security alarm system is a good way to notify all people in the house of a fire or an intruder lurking inside.

But, like anything else, home fire and burglar alarm system have its ups and downs. So, if you are thinking about having a security system installed around your house, then here are some of the pros and cons when it comes to installing home fire burglar alarm system.

Home Fire Burglar Alarm Systems Pros

Save Life

Whether it is a fire that destroys or burglars who have evil intentions, a home security alarm can save a life by detecting fire smokes or burglars and raise an alarm to notify people inside the house and do something before any life is a loss.

Prevent Fire

A modern home security can detect smokes and fires inside the house and ill raise an alarm to warn people inside. Not only that, it can also trigger sprinklers in order to distinguish any fire in order to reduce accidents and save a life.

Fire Alarm System



Protects Against Crime

A home that is equipped with a security system such as motion sensors and surveillance camera also ensures not only their safety but of their neighbors. This is because a thief and burglars can be easily detected by your security camera or motion sensors which will then trigger alarms and call the police.

Allow Remote Access To Your Home

The advancement of technology is also evident in home security and alarm systems. Most modern home security and alarm systems allow homeowners to see the inside of their houses even from a far distance.

Fire Burglar Alarm System



Security systems can be connected to the home owner’s laptops or smartphones such a way that they can easily detect fires or any intruders, open doors and even lock doors, turn lights on and off even from miles away.

Give You A Peace Of Mind

A family with a reliable security system installed in their house will always have peace of mind. They don’t need to always check the house for burglars, strangers, and even fires since their security system will detect and sound an alarm for them.

Save On Finances

A reliable home security and alarm system can automatically switch electrical switches on and off, thus reducing monthly electricity bills. Moreover, you will save more expenses in hiring or paying night and daytime guards.

Home Fire Burglar Alarm Systems Cons

A False Sense Of Security

A loud alarm can scare amateur burglars. But it does not mean anything to professional criminals who can find a way in without setting the alarm, grab what they can and leave before the police can even arrive.


Most people do not have the budget to install home alarms since they are really expensive and too pricey to maintain.

False Alarms

Some security systems are prone to triggering a false alarm that can cause unnecessary tension. Also, when police arrive at your home and find no burglar or fire then they can charge and fine you with a false security alarm.

Interference And Unreliability

Wireless security systems are becoming a thing in the home security world. Not that it is not great but wireless home security alarms use waves which are prone to interference and may cause a delay in alarm signals. Furthermore, since they use radio signals, professional thief and hackers can get into the signal making them very unreliable and useless.

Pros and Cons of a Home Fire Burglar Alarm System



Electricity Dependent

Compared to the wireless security system, a wired alarm system is dependent on electricity, meaning that intruders can do robbery or fires will never be detected when there is a power outage.


Similar to homeowner insurance, a fire protection system is a must have, with the hopes that you never have to use. You may have doubt if it is really needed, but, when a life threatening fire breaks out these protection systems will prove to be an absolute necessity.

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