Full Info on Charter’s Spectrum New Upgrades & Steps to Improve Internet Speed

Charter’s Spectrum has announced the launch of their internet service upgrades in the areas of Columbia County. In 2016, Charter’s merged with Time Warner Cable as the part of their merger agreement, where Charter promised to expand their service to around 145,000 unserved locations in the United States by May 2020. That is why the brand has now come up with the new upgrade in broadband speeds for its existing systems, which is 100 megabytes per second for a 30-month period.


What’s New for You?

The new upgraded Spectrum Internet, featuring the fastest internet speeds (100 megabytes) with no extra fees, or contracts to fill. Also, the Spectrum Voice now has unlimited local and long-distance calling minutes. Similarly, the Spectrum TV is offering around 200 HD channels and 18,000 On-Demand titles after the upgrade. After this upgrade, it has been proved that Charter Spectrum is working really hard to bring the best internet, TV viewing, and voice services to its consumers.

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Troubleshooting Steps for Slow Internet Speed

Check out the steps to upgrade your Spectrum internet speed that is important to avail all the new benefits by Charter’s Spectrum.

First of all, you need to check whether you’re eligible for an upgrade of your Spectrum Internet speed or not. Check out for the info on Spectrum.com. And, to achieve the fast internet speed, check for the following aspects:

Make sure your Internet browser is updated with the new software.

Try restarting your device.

Look for the modem connection whether it is plugged into a power supply or not. If not, connect your modem to your device.

Those who use a laptop or computer must switch off their Power Save mode.

How to Check for Slow Internet Speed?

You can improve internet speed by connecting an amplifier or signal booster to increase the internet speed at your home.

In case you still have issues with slow internet speed, try calling on Spectrum customer care number or follow the below-given steps to troubleshoot the issue.

How to Perform a Speed Test?

Step 1

Connect your modem to an Ethernet cable to run your internet speed test and check for the problem with your internet service.

Step 2

Those who are using Spectrum internet speed of 100Mbps or higher, they may need to utilize the wired connection to have the better internet speed.

Troubleshooting Help

If you are not able to solve the problem, simply use the Charter Spectrum customer care service to resolve your problem.

Bottom Line

We’ve mentioned all the steps to solve the issue with Charter Spectrum internet customer service. If you have any other queries to ask about new upgraded services or what you’ll actually get through this new service upgrade, call on Spectrum support services to have the complete info on the provided options.

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