7 Innovations in schools from all over the world

7 Innovations that improve schools

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Education is a very important thing that shouldn’t be neglected. We all understand that the education system should be improved and developed constantly to give students all the needed knowledge about modern world. In this article, we have gathered the most inspiring innovations taken from schools of our planet. Some of them are well-known when others are new. All these innovations help to involve students in the process of studying and make education better.

1. Unique robot-teachers from South Korea

Some students of Korea’s schools study English language with a help of the robot teacher. This robot is called Engkey; it is controlled remotely by the native English speaker from USA or Australia, whose face is showed on the robot’s screen. With a help of this robot, Korean student are able to learn English with a native speaker, to learn new phrases, and make a right accent. Korean schools also have other robots that check in students for class, teach them dance, or ask students about their mood every day. Of course, people are excited to have robot sin class, this makes them fully involved in learning, and motivate them go to school every day with a smile on their face.

2. Forest kindergartens in Denmark

Most of the young children are involved in too much homework and testing that can kill kids’ motivation in the future. Of course, adult student understand they must fulfill all assignments, but it’s sometimes very hard to explain to young children why they should study too much. In Denmark, kindergartens don’t expect too much from kids, but they put them into a nature world to discover it. Such “forest kindergartens” are very popular there; children are allowed to play around, so they discover the nature and environment much better than while sitting in the classroom. These kindergartens already appeared in other countries lately, including the USA.

3. Germany offers free university education

All people know studying in university is very expensive. Of course, it may vary depending on country, destination, prestige of university, and other factors, but we know that in the USA studying in the university costs around $24,000. Germany has made a free college scheme, so all Germans can get higher education for free. Of course, compared with fancy campuses with many pools, spa centers, and other facilities, German universities are much simpler. But this is for free, so there is no reason to complain! Contribute Education Guest Post on our website to promote free education.

4. 3D learning in Dubai

United Arab Emirates offers for their students 3D learning, when a full class of people sit in 3D glasses and watch an exciting hologram of human heart or discover the solar system. Students adore modern technologies in studying, they don’t like old methods when people sit in the class and listen how the teacher reads a book. Modern students need innovations and new inventions to be really interested in their studying, and the main task of modern schools is to create those things that will attract students’ attention.

5. Intensive literacy education in Cuba

Before the Cuban revolution, there were a lot of illiterate people (around 41%). Fidel Castro wanted to increase their literacy, that’s why there were formed and send to hinterlands several special literacy brigades of teachers. Over the year, the level of illiteracy was reduced to 4 percent. This program made people so much inspired, that they created a method called “You si puedo” = “Yes I can”, based on it. The method was used in all countries all over the world. We know that in the USA most people are literate (around 99 percent), but according to facts, for about 36 million of Americans can read at a third grade level. So, maybe it is a sign we need a literacy program?

6. Finland schools with no punishments

Teachers all over the world are not offered with huge salaries, and they do not have a high autonomy when teaching students (cannot implement their own methods, allowed to teach tests, framed with too many standards). In Finland, great teachers can get great possibilities in teaching young students. Those teachers that had got master degrees there, can use their own ways to help their students study better. Schools in Finland have very few standard tests, and they do not implement any punishments for failing to meet any standards. This system really works because Finnish schools take a high place in a range of the best schools of world. Students feel better when no one pushes on them with special rules, standards, and many tests. All people need individual approach, and Finnish teachers use their chance successfully to make the education system in their country much better.

7. Modern school without any paper in England

Essa Academy in England provide all students with iPads, because this school doesn’t use any piece of paper. All classrooms are equipped with modern technologies such as projectors, LCD screens, and many other devices to improve the process of learning. Students don’t have any paper books because they can store all their digital materials and view them with their devices. Students have a chance to create their own digital courses and make them available all over the world. Needless to say that people are involved into such a cool process of studying without papers. But exams in this school are still old-fashioned: students take them on paper.

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Modern technologies are very important for schools because it’s possible to create new methods of studying that involve a lot of students and increase their motivation. It’s very important to discover various innovations in schools of our planet, and use various methods to get better results. There are a lot of the newest inventions in studying, so implementation of these things will help to improve the education system and get a generation of people with a high level of intellect and literacy. Thanks to modern innovations, students can solve their writing problems: for example, when they search on the Internet a phrase “help me write my essay”, they would get a long list of writing companies that are ready to make the job for them in the shortest terms.

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