Its now or never… Propose your heart on this Happy Propose Day

With the Valentine’s Day around the corner, the full week is meant to be a never-ending long celebration amongst the youngsters. Everyone decides his or her day and makes preparations for the grand week. The wide variety of flowers, assortment of chocolates, special promises and huge teddies is all everyone worries to decide about. Being a whole week, one also starts with unmaterialistic ideas and ends up with a heavy climax on the Valentine’s. See all 7 Days of the Love Week.

I Love You

Next to Rose day, comes the happy Propose day. In case of couples, the proposal is a much necessity on this day but for singles and waiting to mingle, that needs some guts to celebrate..!! Because more of a celebration, propose day is meant to test your luck. It can be termed as the ‘doomsday’ for all the singles. That can either make rest of your week full of festivities, or relieves you from rest five days. The decision of the one you like is the final decision and is prone to bring a change in your life soon, be it a romantic and bubbly change or a bleak and desolate one. Make your mate special by gifting special teddy bear on Teddy Day.

When is propose day? When happy Propose Day is Celebrated?

Happy Propose Day

It is next to the rose day, i.e. on 8th Feb. The name itself gives us the hint as to what special is in store for all the couples. The couples need a day to define the love they have for their partners and revive the old memories they have to celebrate the quixotic relation they share. This is a testimony for all the couples around, as this may demonstrate to the people around how deep is the love they possess for each other.

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Also, with the popularity of this week, everyone is already prepared with the chores in their half. The boys may plan a candle-lit dinner in an exotic place whereas the girls prefer to spend some lone time with their partners, precluding anyone else’s company. Everyone has a different approach to celebrate this special day by sending happy propose day quotes and messages but the main motive behind the merriment is the feeling that no words can ever describe.

After Propose day there is sweet Chocolate Day

Happy Propose Day

Also, there is another significance for this day. The implication lies in the color of the dress one wears. Red, as the color symbolize, is the color of sanctity for the ones deeply in love. The possibility of proposing the ones wearing red is very low because it entails the commitment one already has for his/her partner.

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Also the ones wearing blue simply means that they are available for any proposal; rather they are in the wait of one whereas the ones wearing black are totally open to no relationship. A bit gall, but they are wide open with their decision of no relationship proposal. Who all are gonna propose your mate on this special propose day?

Happy Propose Day

A fun altogether, this day is a day of expectations and surprises. One can wait to be asked out for or ask someone else out. It’s a day to test your luck, in case you are looking forward for any relationship. To help you out, there are predefined color schemes to assist you in your decision. Good luck..!! And yes, happy propose day.

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