6 Smart Hacks to Keep the Shed Organized

Almost everyone has some space at his home, which is more of a dumping area than the storage one. Yes, it is the shed; a small area at the rear of our homes where we dump all the seasonal items that we don’t find when they are needed. Although designed to store the tools and goods, it becomes a mess over time.

Shed Cleaning and Organization

We realize it only when we can’t even step inside, let alone find something there. We have compiled a list of x useful hacks that you can follow to keep the shed clean and organised every time.

Add Shelves to the Walls

It does not matter how much area is there in the shed, it is never enough. It looks even less spacious if everything lies on the floor. You must work on it to get the most out of whatever space you have.

To utilize the space, it is essential that you add attach some shelves to the walls so that smaller articles can be kept on them. Freestanding, or fixed to the beams, every kind of shelving will increase the storage area.

Hang the Jars

The likes of nails are quite useful for a lot of tasks. All of us understand their value and store them carefully. But because of the clutter in the shed, we don’t find them anywhere. What you can do here is; go to the kitchen and find the useless jars.

If there are wooden shelves in the shed, use some screw and a screw gun to hold the plastic lid of the jar under the shelf. Keep those nails inside the jar and fasten it to the lid. Tada! All you need to do take these screws out it to loosen the jar from the lid.

Use the inner portion of the door

It seems like the outdoor storage area runs out of space every time you make your way in there. The large tools can possibly be the reason behind it. We often forget that the door has two sides, and the inner one can be used to hang these tools so that the shed can carry more items in the same area.

For smaller tools, you can use S-hooks. These hooks are cheap and durable at the same. While for the tools that are comparatively big, the market has larger on it as well.

You now don’t need to waste the space by keeping shovels, trowels, brooms, and spades on the floor. See how easy it is to utilise this small area for a significantly higher number of things.

Magnets are fun

A magnetic tool holder is something we usually get to see in the kitchen. But what if you use it in the shed to store equipment like files, pliers, screwdrivers and any other tool made of metal?

Shed Cleaning Organizing

The bristles of a paintbrush get tangled after keeping it on the ground, and it eventually becomes useless. That’s apparently a waste of money. Instead of keeping it down there, hang it onto a magnetic holder.

In this position, it will dry more easily after cleaning, and the bristles won’t squash as well. This is one of the coolest tricks to save money and space at the same time.

Hang the water pipe

Hosepipes are like earpieces. They mess up on their own, no matter how carefully you round them up. You then keep it on the floor of the shed. The first thing you encounter the next time you get in there is that the roll snares your feet inside it for no reason.

Shed Cleaning and Organizing

Have you ever experienced the same? Well, yes, it is irritating to be in a situation like that. To make the best garden hose reel, you can use an old bucket or a waste wheel rim. That way, you will not have to waste your time in unfolding it the next time you need it.

Use storage boxes for chemicals

To have chemicals like weed killer, paints, and pesticide spray in our sheds is common. These chemicals, however, are toxic. Some of them are even flammable, if kept in confined places.

While organizing the shed, you must not ignore these potentially hazardous items. Use a container to place them all in the same place, so you don’t have to worry about any contamination and safety. Heavy duty bins made of plastic are ideal for storing items like these.


Follow these space saving ideas to keep the shed clean and organised. Also, the underlying nails won’t hurt your feet anymore, and you will find all those tools comfortably. It does not matter if the shed does not look good; it is meant to be that way. You only have to keep it organised so that the space can be used in a better way.

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