Keeping Learning Alive During The Holidays: Top 7 Best Educational resources

There are many educational resources for students on the Internet nowadays. As a result, you can spend too much time in search of the right one, which will be suitable just for you. Especially, during your summer holidays, when you want to relax at home or go on a trip, but still, you need to educate yourself somehow, learn new things. Therefore, if you ask yourself what to do in the holidays, here is the list of the best educational resources in the world, which we created just for you!

Wikipedia, the most famous and unique multilingual electronic encyclopedia in the world! This educational resource is available for free. It has dozens of millions of high-quality articles about almost any notion in this world! Wikipedia is suitable for those students, who need to find a concrete information because well-qualified people check and moderate all of the articles on the website. Therefore, we guarantee that all of the information is correct and up to date.

BRAINLY – all your questions will be answered online! On this website, you can ask anything, concerning any school or university subject (for example, Biology, Chemistry, Math, History, English, etc.). What is interesting is that you can help students by answering their questions online on this website, and ask them for help in return. In this way, it can be a very developing experience for you, because you can help other students all over the world by answering their questions!

Udemy is the largest online educational marketplace in the world. It provides online courses from programming or photography to culinary, for example! The website’s database has more than 45,000 professional courses, masterclasses, and tutorials. There are millions of expert instructors, teachers, and tutors. You can even become one of them! Learn and teach online, improve yourself, master your skills every day by using this educational website.

Duolingo is an efficient educational resource, which provides students with free personalized education online. Such methods are not new nowadays, but this resource makes learning extremely simple for everybody, no matter what age he or she is. This platform becomes your own private tutor, and helps you to learn fast and easy! You just need to select languages, which you want to learn, choose the level, you want to achieve, and get started! You will get experience points during your learning process.

EduBirdie. This website will be suitable for those students, who do not have much time because there are many things to do in university summer holidays! Their professional writers provide high-quality essay writing services. Moreover, their well-qualified team gives unlimited online support online whenever you need it 24/7! Furthermore, there is a live chat feature on the where you can communicate with creative writers, and influence directly on the essay writing process! It is very simple to order a written work. All you need to do to get started is to fill out an order form, place your order, choose a writer, share your expectations with the writer, and finally get a high quality written work.

Schoology  is an online educational resource for students and educators all over the world. It creates a kind of virtual classroom, in which students and teachers can communicate, and take part in the educational process, of course. It is a very simple platform for understanding, and it is easy to use. Here you can get really effective study skills.

TED Talks is an enormous and unique educational platform. The creators of TED claim that the main purpose of their project is to spread knowledge and ideas all around the world in the form of talks. Their talks include topics that are related to almost everything on our planet (for example, Psychology, Science, some tips on management or business, environmental problems, etc.). In addition, these talks are in more than 100 languages! In this way, you can learn new languages simply by using this educational website.

In addition to the list of the best online educational resources, here is the article about staying fit while traveling. If keeping your body in shape is one of your habits, this article can be very interesting and educational for you too!

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