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Situated 35 kilometers and 60 kilometres from Puri and Bhubaneshwar respectively, the nominative village is on the coastline of Bay of Bengal in Odisha, India. Accredited by the Narasimhadeva king belonging to eastern Ganga dynasty is dedicated to the Hindu god surya that is the sun god. The name of the temple “Konark” is derived from the Sanskrit words “Kona” as in corner and “arka” as in sun summing it up as ” sun of the corner “.

History of Konark Sun Temple

Being a major visited destination, the Konark temple showcases’ the amazing architecture of eastern India. Located in the eastern state of Odisha, the sun temple symbolizes the Indian heritage. It appears as a hundred foot high wagon with great wheels and horses, which are made up of stone. The illustrious artwork, iconography, creative themes denotes the spectacular style of Odishi architecture. Popularly also referred to as the “surya devalaya” and “arka khetra” , sights three different pictures of the sun god positioned in the direction of the sun so that the rays of the sun catch them easily and hence tell the timing of morning , noon and evening. 

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Konark Sun Temple Stone Writings

Konark Sun Temple Writings and Carvings

Konark temple is built beautifully in the appearance even though it was once destroyed during the ancient wars. The temple is so serene that Rabrindranath Tagore once said that “here the language of stone surpasses the language of man.” Along the menial of the temple, there are innumerable images and carvings of warrior, animals, horses’ and different kinds of scribbling; even the walls and roof sheds of the temple are filled with it. The excellence of work and creative minds of the architects views how, not just with the architectural work piece but also with the calm sophistication the temple enhances into a unanimous place. Plenty of engravings result into singularly remarkable massive architectonics. Now, just the entry of the main gate of the temple can be seen, the main temple that idolized the presiding deity could not be seen, as only the remains are left which are much more gorgeous.

History of Konark Sun Temple

The Konark Sun Temple

Representing the royal pride of the lord surya, the real idol of the sun god was taken off from the temple and instead kept in the Jagannath temple. Involving a dancing hall that is known as the “nat mandapa” is philosophical in its own way, which comprises the carvings in erotic positions, which figures the divine, human and animal images with the endearment of geometric, floral, lethal combinations. Depicting emotional gestures, the carvings definitely produce feelings in the minds of the tourists. The temple has been in the list of puranas (the ancient scribbles), being the most oldest from of architecture. According to the myths and sayings, the temple has been constructed during the time period of sixteen long years with the help of 1200 workers.

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During that time, the temple was called the ‘black pagoda” as the magnetic summit allured the ships inducing shipwrecks. From the initial period, the temple consisted of Gajasimha, which was the main entrance, nat mandir, which was the dance hall, jagamohan that was the audience hall and deuli which was the main sanctum. Since, deuli is not present anymore but the other parts are still there, anyhow the worshippers still visit the engulfing prosperous temple, which is even now famous all over the universe.

Some of the major facts of the Konark sun temple are as follows –

  • The geometrical templates and arrangement is present all over the sun temple.
  • The wheels and compass of the wheels deliver the time- keeper.
  • The animals like elephants and lions are the security keeping figures of the temple at the very entrance.
  • The pictures of dancers, elephants, musicians , deities and mythological figures is also present.
  • The temple also includes a Nava graham that is the nine planet temples in the sun temple itself.
  • The another part of the temple displays sculptures of erotic genre.
  • The museum of sun Konark temple is carried on by the archeological survey of India.
  • There are in all three links of Odisha’s golden triangle out of which one is the Konark temple itself, first being the jagannath puri and Bhubaneswar the second one.
  • Little does anybody know that the massive wagon actually contains the Sun god inside.
  • The animal kept at the main entrance signifies something. The elephants symbolize wealth, where lions symbolize pride and both the animals consummates a man.
  • At the top of the temple, a weighted magnet is placed and the stones of the temple are suppressed by plates of iron. The iron used to swim the air because of the arrangement of metals, which has interrupted compasses.
  • The temple was also called black pagoda because of the dark color as it was initially constructed on the banks of sea and later marched as location navigation for the sailors then.
  • The Konark sun temple is considered as the 13th century’s popular Brahman sanctuary.
  • The museum of the Konark sun temple also engrosses the ruins of the temple along with ancient naturals.
  • A Konark dance festival is organized every year as a major tourist attraction.
  • In 1984, it was regarded as the world heritage site by the United Nations educational, scientific, and cultural organization.
  • The rays of the sun touching the nata mandir that is the dance hall, which further reflects upon the diamonds of the idol positioned in the centre of the temple.

Best Time To Visit Konark Sun temple

The best time to visit the Konark sun temple I from January to March or from September to December s the other months are badly hot and humid during that period of time that makes it difficult for the tourists to explore the place.

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There is also another festival taken place in the Natta mandir that is the India surf temple, which is scheduled minorly every year like the other famous festival of Odishi culture. Now, this is really going to sway the tourists and traveler to visit the sun Konark temple to experience the lifestyle of Odishi people and culture.

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