10 Ways to Lose Weight with a Knee Injury

One of the more commonly suggested methods of rehabilitating an injured knee is to shed any excess body weight which may be placing unnecessary pressure on your joints. But how are you expected to lose these pounds when your legs won’t even allow you to exercise? It’s arguably the most annoying catch-22 of the fitness world.

10 Ways to Lose Weight with a Knee Injury

Thankfully, there are several known techniques which you can use to slowly sneak away from this seemingly endless paradoxical cycle.

Read over the following list and you will discover 10 simple ways to stay fit without aggravating your knee trauma any further.

1. Watch What You Eat

The most obvious initial step in decreasing your calorie count is to consume less of them in the first place. But while it’s important to be aware of your daily limit (use this Mayo Clinic tool to calculate your personal goals), your primary focus should be on where these calories are coming from. Start by cutting out all of the fast foods and sugary snacks, and steer your plate more towards those leafy greens, beans, and fruits.

2. Watch What You Drink

It’s scary how many people drink their whole day’s worth of calories without even realizing it, especially when it comes to alcohol, soda or energy drinks. To accelerate your weight loss, nothing beats the magic of water which will reduce your appetite and raise your metabolism at the same time.

3. Go for a Walk

Depending on your injury, you may want to attempt a casual walk to clear off those pounds while rebuilding your knee’s stamina. Start gradually by sticking to soft terrain and remember that a knee walker scooter can be an alternative to crutches with even more comfort. Finally, keep in mind that distance is far more beneficial than speed, so take it slow!

4. Go for a Cycle

If you have some knee motion available then a simple bike ride could be the ideal cardio activity for you. This repetitive pedaling movement will help to build up your knee muscles and keep the area limber without forcing too much resistance. What’s more, this exercise can double up as your mode of transport, saving you time and money.

5. Have a Swim

For those knees which are completely out of action, then nothing will beat the weightless environment of water. Your age or body type does not matter in these surroundings, as the pool is an even playing ground where everyone can have fun while activating all of their muscle groups in one simple session.

6. Attend Yoga Classes

The primary advantage of yoga classes is that the involvement of your knees is up to you. Speak to your instructor to ensure that they are aware of your difficulties, and then focus on your surrounding areas to stay in shape. These slow and manageable movements will stretch out your muscles and keep them flexible as you find peace in your mind at the same time.

7. Train your Arms

Whether you enjoy bench pressing, curling dumbbells, or trying to beat your pullup-pushup score, an intense upper body workout is an ideal approach of burning fat without requiring your legs in the slightest. Your arms, back, and shoulders will strengthen, which, in turn, builds up the body muscle needed to eliminate calories even faster.

8. Use an Elliptical Trainer

If you miss the feeling of running before your knees betrayed you, then an elliptical trainer could very well be the next best thing. By keeping your legs straight and employing a hefty amount of arm power, you can sweat out those extra pounds without any danger of aggravating your pain. Even better is that you can watch your favorite TV show while you do so, completely forgetting that you’re even exercising whatsoever.

9. Try a Rowing Machine

When analyzing the different calorie burning techniques, a rowing session comes surprisingly close to that of a lengthy run, plus there are many other special advantages. For starters, it’s an intense upper body workout which means that your arms and shoulders should tone down in no time. Secondly, it is a quick and easy approach to improving your core strength. And finally, your lower limbs are still required to make some small movements, which will assist in an even faster recovery process.

10. Try Kayaking

If the rowing machine isn’t crazy enough for you and you’re craving a larger slice of adventure then mission down to your closest body of water and rent a kayak for your paddling pleasure. This is not only a very exciting activity, but it’s also a powerful upper body and cardio workout which doesn’t demand your knees’ input whatsoever. Unless of course, you overturn into the water as then you will be forced to swim to safety.

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