How to Make and Save Money While Traveling

Traveling is an awesome experience for many people, especially when they’ve just recently gotten out of college and want to spread their wings. You don’t always start traveling with a huge nest egg to rely upon and so there’s a need to be frugal during your travels. When running short of money, to avoid tapping that credit card, it’s worth considering pausing your travels to work earning some money using your talents.

5 Tips To Save On Online Travel Booking

Here are some tips on how to stretch the money you have and what to do when it’s running low.

Look for Discounts

You’re not really a good traveller if you’re not always looking for discounts. Airfare is an obvious one with international and domestic flights available for cheap money if you book ahead or are willing to take a last-minute deal when airlines are trying to fill up the few remaining vacant seats on the jet.

When arriving at a new location, make sure that you’ve done ample research before arrival. Learn how you get into the city the cheapest, what part of town you’ll arrive into and what’s there. If you’re not in a rush to get into the centre of the action immediately, then a slow arrival via a shuttle bus or other non-taxi option is best. Some countries permit Uber or Grab taxi apps, but some outlaw them, so check the validity of using these services beforehand.

Eat Economically

When you don’t have a kitchen at home and need to eat out, look for deals at lunchtime that attract local workers and venture into those parts of town to enjoy similar discounts. It’s always better to eat a larger lunch and a decent breakfast and go light on the evening meal. Places tend to charge more for substantial meals in the evening when it’s more of a formal affair. By opting for a decent lunch and going light in the evening, you can get away with picking up some inexpensive fruit or a locally bought snack before turning the lights out.

Pitstop for a Few Months by Teaching

It’s becoming increasingly popular to hit “pause” on extended travels when you’re not ready to come home yet. You’re then free to find diverse ways to earn a living while away. One of the best options is to become a teacher of English (or other subjects) to local students who will benefit from your being a native speaker. It’s not easy to find a local position, especially when dealing with language and cultural differences, so sign up to Point to Point Education where they can use their established contacts to find you a suitable educational establishment to match your skills.

As well as the suggestions above, find ways to keep your accommodation costs down. There’s always Couch Surfing if you want to enjoy a more genuine experience with some locals. Check the reviews online to see which hosts have been recommended by other travellers first. This way, you can save money for a rainy day or to cover surprise costs when they occur.

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