The Perfect Tallest Statue on Earth :: The Monolithic Gomateshwara Statue

Constructed in Karnataka at Vindyagirir, Shravanbelagola; Vindyagiri is the first hill at Shravanbelagola with Chandragiri being the second one, where Chandragiri is home to various ancient centers, Gomateshwara statue being one of them.

The Gomateshwara statue is 17 meters high and 57 foot long. It is dedicated to the God of Jain, Bahubali. Made around 983 AD, the statue is the greatest free standing structure in the whole world. It is listed in 7 Wonders of India and should be in Seven Wonders of the World as well.

All the processes of construction of the statue were taken place by the minister of Ganga dynasty and commander Chavundaraya. The history behind building the great massive statue of the Gomateshwara statue takes back to two thousand years ago where Shri Bhadrabahu swami was the newest Jain acharya arriving at Shravanabelagola from Madhya Pradesh, Ujjain with his learners. By getting inspired by shri Bhadrabahu swami, during the ruling of major parts of India, Chandragupta Maurya laid down in the region.

As per the Jain epic Adipurana of Jinasena acharya, it is considered that Rishabhdeva also known as Adinath was the foremost Tirthankara who was married to two queens, Yasavati and Sunanda, out of which Sunanada gave birth to Bahubali and Yasavati to Bharata and the other sons and daughters. For regenerating his kingdom, Rishabhdev decided to part his kingdom between the two sons. As, intellectually born, Bahubali was multi talented and viciously good at archery, medicinal sciences and floriculture.

Monolithic Gomateshwara Statue

Depicting his surreal personality as the extremely upper class warrior. There took place a war between both the brothers arising the whole of kingdom and town. The fight turned edgy with war in the water and wrestling across. Anyhow, Bahubali won all the titles to the wars. But, the harsh compliance hat took place during the wars submerged into Bahubali’s heart and emotions, and that is how he decided on stepping into the path of eternal truth to establish himself as a disciple of love, peace and harmony.

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A major attraction for looking up to this statue is when an event occurs on the top of the hill, namely, Mahamastakabhisheka. In this event, the statue is bathed with milk, saffron, ghee, flower petals, silver and gold coins and many other products. From the top of the hill itself one can view the aesthetic surroundings.

MahamastakaAbhisheka Monolithic Gomateshwara Statue

Devotees from all over the globe hit up at the hill for the event. The statue remains refreshed due to the anointment milk spread all over it as quoted by Heinrihc Zimmer. Now the next process of the ritual may take place in the year 2030. In the year 2007, the statue was polled as the first of India’s seven wonders. As for the presentment of the statue is from the tedious meditation of Bahubali.

The transfixed meditation in kayotsarga the standing still posture) position made the climbing vines grow around his legs. The picture of Gomateshwara has   curly locks and big ears. With the eyes wide open, presuming the sculpture looking around the universe with rupture.

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Characteristics of the face are shaped with a smile beaming from the corner of the lips, representing a calm and serene approach. Heading a no support form, the shoulders and arm that is the upper body of the statue is broadly shaped. And also signifying an infinite amount of retention from the anthill at its background. Coming out form the anthill are the snake and creepers which are hanging around both the arms and legs of the statue, showcasing group of flowers and fruit berries on the upper body part.

And further the statue stands on lotus flower showing the acquired collectivity through the instalment of the statue. Around the statue, stand still two guards that are the chauri bearers, providing courtesy to the Lord Bahubali. Naming one of the two, Yaskh and Yakshini respectively. There is also a separate water course for the alignment of water and other materials required for starting up the ritual, for example, the bathe of the statue and so much more.

Monolithic Gomateshwara Statue Bahubali

Even for the principles, the sculpture is important as the scribbling are present there in three different languages which are engraved on the foot of Bahubali. The languages inscribed are Tamil Marathi and Kannada, out of which Marathi is the oldest form of language. All the three of the languages are essential for keeping in touch with the knowledge and history of the other languages.

The Lord Gomateshwara statue is basically standing facing the north side to portray the style of mediation which is known as Kayotsarga that is learning to secure sustentation by self calm, self-abnegation and dominating the ego.

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As , we know that the statue is in nude form which is also called the Digambar posture which is a mainstream tradition of the Jain religion that represents that one’s win over the worldly attachments’ and wishes that constrains the spirituality of an individual towards shrine.

To touch the height of the Gomateshwara statue, one needs to climb around 614 steps of staircase. There are various other temples too formed over the Vindhyagiri hill. The craziest thing to know about the gomateshwara statue is that in spite of being so many years old, nearly thousands of years old; it is still not damaged or destroyed by even an inch.

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The makers of the statue wanted it to be the tallest and beautiful. And it does not shine away any time with despair or weariness. So, the statue was built by keenly and significantly monitoring the key features for any kind of loopholes. Meanwhile, it was also brought to notice that the perfect statue will definitely catch an evil eye leading to own scratches, so the statue was instead designed with perfection which is hardly recognized by anybody thinking it to be a mesmerizing yet best piece of history which is exactly not, as one of the finger on left hand of the statue is shorter in comparison to the one at the right hand.

Now, these histories, artifacts and reorganizations are absolutely going to make one, to plan a trip to the Gomateshwara statue.

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