10 Tricks for an Executive to Organize a Small Suitcase and to not get Billed!

The daily lives of executives, businessmen or simply tourists who travel often require some basic knowledge on how to organize a suitcase. Placing clothes and accessories in a correct way can save us time and, above all, space on our plane trips.

The tips are aimed at both the executive who takes more than two flights a week, and the tourist who decides to opt for a low-cost line and, therefore, does not invoice his suitcase to travel by plane over the weekend.

Corporate Suitcase

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The goal is that the ‘suitcase moment’, a routine that many delay until the end, is simpler. The key is how to save everything we are going to take, something that doing it routinely will be faster and more comfortable.

The first factor that we have to take into account is to know in advance what the climatic conditions of our destination will be and what we are going to do there. Since we are dealing with trips that are considered express, of only a few days, we will not be able to fill the suitcase with utensils like those that we would take to a beach if we spent fifteen days.

In this sense, experts recommend wearing simple clothes that can be reused. That is, if we choose a shirt for an evening meal, we can also use it the next day.

With shoes and bags. The key is the reuse, since we will not be able to put in the suitcase accessories for each moment or moment of the trip. Also leave the saying “I take this just in case”. It is best to make a list of acts and plans and not to improvise.

Another important aspect to take into account is the liquids that we will carry in hand luggage. Never carry boats with a capacity greater than 100 milliliters, if we do not want to meet with an unpleasant surprise at the airport and we are forced to throw it away.

When organizing a small suitcase, the executive or tourist should be guided by this decalogue:

  1. Pants, sweaters and shoes at the bottom of the suitcase. Upstairs, least of all, like shirts or dresses.
  2. Clothes that do not wrinkle should be rolled up together: jeans, undergarments or knitwear.
  3. The shirts should go with the necks upwards, to avoid unnecessary wrinkles in one of the most visible parts of the press.
  4. Use separators for delicate items. The purpose of this advice is to prevent wrinkles. If a garment is wrinkled, it is advisable to place it in the bathroom hanging on a hanger. The water vapor in the shower will get it to stretch a little and you will not notice the wrinkles as much.
  1. Shoes should go in bags and opposites to prevent them from coming into contact with the rest of the clothes. Some accessories or boats can get inside them.
  2. Do not wind the belts. Leave them stretched on the edges of the suitcase.
  3. Do not put hats or handkerchiefs in the suitcase. It is best to take them in place to prevent them from getting deformed to the destination.
  4. Insert the bag into a plastic bag to prevent liquids from flowing out and staining luggage.
  5. If the suitcase is left half empty, it is best to introduce additional clothing and other shoes to prevent the cargo from moving during the journey and reaching the destination completely decomposed.
  6. The coat, always in the hand.


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