Planning to Explore Australia on Visitor Visa? Top 5 Things to Give a Shot!

Every year over 6 million people visit this country with more than 60% of international visitors being repeat visitors.

Currently, it also ranks 7th in the world for global tourism expenditure.

Be it any time of the year, when it comes to ensuring an ultimate holiday fun, this country has always been the most popular destination among backpackers and budget travellers.

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Yes, we are talking about none other than Australia, the country that has never failed to mesmerise visitors with its incredible sights and experiences.

If you are planning to visit or settle in Australia, there are plenty of things the continent offers to see and explore. Given below are some of the best picks that you definitely would not want to miss when touring around the land of kangaroos. Take a look!

  1. Shoal water Stand-Up Paddle boarding: If you want to experience the beauty of Western Australia, get started by learning to stand up on the paddle board in the Shoal Water Islands Marine Park. However, make sure you have the back of a trainer who can help you learn the basics, paddling and steering the board. Located 40 minutes from Perth, this place can offer you the best ride of your life with white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters up close.
  2. Take a dive at Lake McKenzie, Fraser Island: Located along the south eastern coast of the state of Queensland, Fraser Island is known for indigenous history, untamed wilderness and exciting tour activities. The main attraction of this place is more than 100 freshwater lakes with more than 40 perched lakes (i.e. a lake comprises of only rain water). Among the most popular is Lake McKenzie, which measures over 150 hectares with a depth of 5 meters.
  3. Walking and Hiking in the Daintree Forest: The Daintree forest is not less than a paradise for hiking enthusiast. The place comprises of approximately 1200 square kilometres and is estimated to be 180 million old. For the spectacular view of the upland rainforest, you can hike at the Mt. Sorrow Ridge, the most challenging hike in the Daintree area. While for a seaside hike, take a walk from the south of Myall Beach to Cape Tribulation.
  4. Stick Your Head Under the Crystal Shower Falls, Dorrigo National Park: If visiting New South Wales is in your bucket list, don’t miss to stop by a lush rainforest at Dorrigo National Park. Located 65 km from the City Harbour, this place never fails to serve an intriguing experience to its visitors. It only takes one hour to enjoy magnificent view from the rocky cavern behind the waterfall. And before you leave, make sure you spend few minutes on the Rainforest Shop and explore a great range of unique souvenirs.
  5. Enjoy the sunset from the huge sand dunes at Lancelin, WA: Lancelin Sand Dunes is Australia’s renowned attraction for visitors. If sandboarding or quad driving, you surely going to love this place! With just 127 km north of Perth, Lancelin offer so many things to explore including the Pinnacles Desert, windsurfing through the shallow bays of Indian Ocean, fishing and diving.

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Author Bio: Palak Shah is a Marketing Strategist at Aussizz Group, an immigration consultancy dealing with all kinds of Australian visas. A goal-oriented professional, Palak has always proved his mettle by implementing cohesive digital marketing strategies and maintaining a brand consistency.

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