Best Methods to Study & Prepare for Maths Exam in One Night

When it comes to Maths even the brilliant student faces some or other problems. Mathematics is although an interesting and fun subject, but its formulas and symbols confuse us and make it hard to understand for us. You don’t need some special skill in studying maths, all you need is some tricks and passion to learn things. Maths is subject which you can’t master by listening and reading. You need to have consistent practice and memorizing some formulas which help you in dealing further. Math is a subject which needs daily learning and regularly studying. It is going to be a difficult task if you are finding some shortcuts for Mathematics exam. In this article you will love to know about Maths tips and Tricks to Prepare for Maths Exam in One Night.

Learn How to Prepare for Exams in One Night?

In order to study for an exam of Maths, firstly take out the fear reside in your mind. If you are passionate about learning and practicing maths, then you would definitely get a solution. Here are some tips which would guide you to overcome the fear of Maths exam.

Practice make men perfect

Practice Makes a Man Perfect

Maths doesn’t come by listening or reading, you have to start up with practicing. The more your practice, you would be able to analyze problems and understand it in a better way. If you have a good time before the exam, try solving more and more problems. Solving would help you memorizing the formulas, procedures, and methods for different problem sums. Solve 6-8 sums of each set which will build up your confidence and you would know the way to solve problems. After achieving a minimum amount of sums, jump to next set.

Solving in your notebooks rather than your mind

Sometimes we think we are very much aware of a problem and their solution, so we orally solve it but that is not the solution. Never try such method of solving it mentally, the more you write and practice it is better to avoid error in future. Solve the problems by one step at a time. Don’t do too many things at one time, which will cause trouble and may lead to the wrong result.

Read chapters Ahead

You can read chapters before your class explanation, in order to have clarification of some concepts. You can use your free time off school or weekend to study chapter and try to understand it. This will help you to study for a test the night before and pass.

Review your mistakes

Correction of Mistakes

If you have made any mistakes while solving the problems, then you should review it and understand it properly to avoid further errors. You should understand where you have made a mistake or what went wrong. This method would help you in avoiding further mistake and leading towards the habit of a precise answer.

Understand the logic

Sometimes we are in hurry for studying, we try to memorize the process and apply on other different problems. But each and every problem have a different solution, and their way of solving is different comparing to other. Try to understand the logic that is behind the problem and the way it is solved. This will help you solve the problem in future even with a twist. This is how to study for math exam in one day.

Have a peaceful Environment


As mathematics needs more concentration power than any other subject. You need to have a distraction-free area which could help you concentrate better and memorizing complex equations and problems in algebra, trigonometry or even geometry. Some students enjoy listening soft music behind while others are fine without it. Try to find a place in your house or go to Library in order to get focused easily and absorb things in better way.

Mathematics Vocabulary list 

It is better to create Notes and Flashcards, with different concepts, formulas, and definitions you need to memorize or keep in mind. This will help you learn these things easily and you can revise it anytime. This is how to study maths last minute.

Don’t over stress yourself

Don’t over stress yourself

It is better to study Calculus, Physics or any part of mathematicss at early morning or in the daytime. Morning time is considered better for concentration and you will not feel fatigued or sleepy. A student needs to be more attentive when understanding or solving the problem, in night time we are not able to concentrate much and we feel sleepy. Due to which there is a possibility of creating silly mistakes and us over stress ourselves.

Solve more Question Papers or Practice Work

If we have enough time, we should solve question papers or any other practice work. This will help us in practicing more with help of different problem sums and this is how to revise maths the night before. We would have an idea of what type of problem sums question paper will have.

Review Notes and Formulas

A day before your class test or exam test, review your notes, formulas, and vocabulary. This would build up your confidence and you would be familiar with many terms. This will also help to solve problems and understanding in a better way and this is how to pass a math test you didn’t study for.

Use study guides and reference books

There are many books available online and offline to understand your material in a better way. There are methods which would help you to deal with problems in different and better way. They provide you explanation along with samples, to understand the concept. You can find different online websites, which provide you worksheets and guidance towards solving it.

Talk to yourself 

Talk to yourself

When solving the problems in your exam or class test, recall the methods and tactics you use to solve the problem. By recalling the steps, you would find a solution and method to follow the further procedure.

It is normal for students to suffer from Mathematics Anxiety, but you could easily cope up with it. You should not over stress yourself, Maths is not one-day subject it needs practice and efforts in order to get success in it. Doing maths with pace and step by step would help you reliving from anxiety. Don’t consider maths as a killer subject, you should take interest in maths and understand it in a better way.

Go with clock and concentration, you should consume time effectively by solving easier ones before and challenging ones later on. This will save your time and stress. Maths require dedication, discipline, and patience, you need to put your efforts in order get success in maths. All the best for your Maths Exam.

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