Useful Tips To Help You Master Important RuneScape Skills

RuneScape is one of the top massively multiplayer games online, with the role playing feature. If you wish to master this game, then there are some important skills that you will need to master, and reach the top level of 99.

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In this post, we shall check out some of the best ways to reach the level of 99 on important skills that will help you in conquering the quests of the game.


This will be your basic necessity for helping you cope up with various challenges in the game. If you need food to gain energy, then you will obviously need to cut the logs and light up the fire. If your woodcutting level reaches 99, then you can also use your skills for making money by cutting down trees.

Here again, you will need to increase your experience by starting out with cutting normal trees. You can then go to the marketplace and sell them off. After crossing the level of 15, you can go to the Varrock Palace and sell your logs, but they will pay you the minimum price at this stage.

That will allow you to cross the level of 30, which then opens up the feature of cutting willows. Now you get the additional option of storing the logs in the bank, and then you can sell them off at the GE. If you continue at this level for about 250 hours, you shall be able to achieve the level of 99 in woodcutting.

Making fire:

This is another important skill which you will need to use at different stages of the game. Here again you will need to reach the level of 99 for mastering the fire-making skills. Until the level 15, you will be able to burn only the normal logs. Although the logs are expensive at this stage, you should be able to reach the desired level quite quickly. After crossing the level of 15, you will be able to burn the logs of oak. That should help you achieve the level of 30.

Thereafter you can burn the willow log until you reach the level 45. The experience levels keep increasing quite fast in this level, because the logs are available for very cheap costs. Of course, you could also buy RuneScape gold to help you in expediting your efforts for mastering the skills.

After crossing the level of 68, you can start burning yew logs, which will help you all the way in reaching the top level of 99. You will need to spend around the 50 -80 hours, depending upon the logs that you choose.


Fishing is probably the most basic skills that you will need to master, so that you can cook it for eating. If you become a master in fishing skills, then you can also use it for a selling and making money.

You will be able to start fishing crayfish until the level of 20. If you don’t want to eat it, then you will have to drop your catch back in the water. Once you cross the level of 20, you will be able to catch salmon and trout, and continue to do so until you reach the master level of 99. It will take you around to 150 hours to reach the master level. This one can really test your patience, but is well worth your efforts.

In addition to the above mentioned skills, you will need to master other important skills like cooking, ranged, Prayer, Magic, Melee (combat training), Crafting, Runecrafting, Mining, and Smithing. Alternatively, you could also buy OSRS gold to help you buy things, so that you can reach new achievements without having to spend too much time and efforts.

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