Importance of Meditation on Sports Tour

When we were small, we were asked to be confident. We were asked to be consistent in whatever we do – either studies, art, sports or the passion we wished to follow the most! If you notice, you will realize that our parents, teachers, coach, or any other elder person always said that “Whether you are preparing for the exams or some competition, 90% game can be played and even won by the mind, and not the body or power.”

Lack of concentration can get you far away from success, especially when we talk about the field of sports! It is evident that being a sports person if you lose a game after another, you might be depressed and that anxiety will affect your future games as well; and like this, this vicious circle goes on! Majority of the time, this phase of shaken confidence is momentary; but its effects on the mind might be permanent. Moreover, such self-doubts surely make a big difference between gold, bronze or nothing.


Sports Meditation


So what to do when there is a scenario where every second count? The answer is – MEDITATION.


Tour Meditation

‘Touring’ is an essential part of a sportsman. You have to go here and there for playing. If you are a sportsman, it is obvious that you do various exercises on a regular basis. It must be your routine, but what about sports tour? So, are you practicing yoga or meditation when you are out?

If yes, you are amazing! Please continue, as you have no idea how much it is affecting your physical and mental health! Let it all go, find your inner peace, calm your mind, and meditate. Meditation Retreat California is powerful. And; if you feel that you are unable to manage time, this article is for you. Here you will get the information about;

  • Importance of meditation on sports tour, and
  • How to do meditation in less than 10 minutes.

Many great athletes like Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Derek Jeter, Ricky Williams, etc. prefer meditation while sitting in the stadium, getting ready for the game, or even while playing it on the ground. Every one of them believes in this quote – ‘The body achieves what the mind believes.’ They also say that if you want to convince your mind and give power to it, then ‘meditation’ is the best way.


A Wrong Belief

One study suggests that majority of the people avoid meditation because they have an erroneous belief in their mind that you cannot do meditation when you have less time. For a real practice of meditation, you must have happy hours and a peaceful place. WRONG!

One or two months back, one video went viral on the internet of a famous Zen guru. In that small 1.50 minutes clip, he said that you could do meditation anytime and anywhere – when you are bathing, walking, sleeping or even when you are in the middle of some chaos. He said; “Meditation is not a rocket science, it is just the recognition of every breath.” You can do meditation for either 5 or 50 or 150 minutes, whatever suits you. The results you will get after just the 5 minutes of meditation a day must be amazing.


Importance of Meditation on Sports Tour

It is quite obvious that you may not get proper time for exercises or meditation when you are in a tournament. The reasons are many; like the jet lag, game schedules, needed rest time, etc. But, you can’t deny that relaxing your mind and body is as important as sports! Let me give you some logical reasons why you should meditate…

  • Meditation can relax the body. Moreover, it can also clear the mind from the entire burden. It results in a sound and disturbance-free sleep. (This is extremely important for a player!)
  • It is one of the most important elements to ‘focus,’ and control mental attitudes.
  • It helps you to cope up with pain and modulate the negative or destructive emotions.
  • It strengthens your immune system and helps you to reduce caffeine, processed food, or any other addiction. (If any!)
  • Meditation is an incredible source of energy. It can make you so strong that you may get the power to deal with your fears.
  • It is obvious that if you are on tour, you have to deal with the changing climates. Meditation can become a helping hand for you even in this matter. (And it is scientifically proven!)
  • It creates personal space, where you can just be yourself and able to see the desired result. (Remember? – ‘The body achieves what the mind believes.’) It also helps to visualize your blind spots.
  • You will be shocked to know, but a study shows that meditation can improve your digestive system if you are regular in your practice.
  • It manages your weakness and harnesses your peak moments as it can channelize everything.

These are some of the reasons why you should do meditation and not all! Now, as promised, I wanted to give you some mind-blowing techniques which can help you to meditate in less than 10 minutes a day! Put on some comfortable clothes and read further…


How to do meditation in less than 10 minutes

  • Stretch your body – loosen your muscles – make your mind, and JUST BREATH. Breathing is the soul of meditation. Mindful meditation is the key!
  • Think about something positive. Have some thoughts about the favourite person, place, or any positive experience/situation. It impacts wonderfully.
  • Close your eyes and while breathing in and out, THANK THE UNIVERSE! Feeling blessed and lucky is extremely important if you want to be happy. You have enough reasons to be happy as you have fully grown body and healthy organs!
  • Put an alarm of 5 minutes and let go all the negative thoughts. Don’t think about any appointments or meetings. Just focus on breathing or the mild music of nature.
  • Don’t have doubts whether you are doing the meditation right or wrong. Keep going and never make it stressful.


Start practicing these techniques and see the difference. You will feel that your mind is relaxing and body is becoming healthier. Meditation can feel your soul. When you have a half hour or more, you can do meditation by following these simple tips. Don’t make it much complicated. You just need to sit properly and breathe! Isn’t it simple? Imagine; these 5 minutes a day can change your entire personality positively. I think it is a fair deal and an excellent investment!

If you want to go further, there are many types of meditations to give you immense happiness. You can choose ‘your type of meditation’ like Music meditation, Bath meditation, Body scan meditation, Chocolate meditation, Mantra meditation, Clean slate meditation, etc.

Start your meditation sessions TODAY! It will transform your extra energy into something productive. Develop a practice of meditation before, on and after sporting activity. It helps you to assess yourself where you failed/succeed. I have become a regular practitioner of meditation. Will you?


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