6 Must Try Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips

Most property owners want to have a swimming pool in their backyard. Who would not want to indulge in a de-stressing fitness routine that includes laps after work, or perhaps spend long hours in the afternoon lounging by the poolside? However, one thing pool owners tend to forget once they have a pool installed is its maintenance.

Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips

Without a proper pool maintenance routine, you will eventually be faced with problems like broken filters, green water, and algae build-up. Of course, you do not want to lay by a pool that hasn’t been cleaned or properly maintained because this can lead to certain illnesses, and it is simply icky to even think about.

Experts in swimming pool maintenance in Dubai share six pool maintenance tips that you must try now. Whether you are a first-time pool owner or you have already been a proud owner of one for many years.

Check out the tips below to keep your pool clean, germ-free, and safe.

  1. Make it a habit to skim and scrub your pool

You must skim the debris and leaves off the surface of the water. Remember that skimming must be done on a daily basis. A robot vacuum can help clean the pool’s bottom section, so if you have a budget for it, consider buying one.

Aside from skimming, you also need to scrub the sides of the pools. This will help prevent the build-up of algae. Scrubbing should ideally be done every other week. But you must always look for any growth, and be sure to scrub them off immediately to keep your pool looking clean and fresh. For spots that can’t easily be cleaned, use chlorine or similar cleaning agents.

  1. Clean the pool filter regularly

Your swimming pool filter works like your kidneys — it removes the impurities from the water such as leaves, dirt, and other foreign objects.

When cleaning your pool, turn off the filter, remove the filter cap on the pool deck, lift out the filter basket, and remove all debris before replacing everything. Experts recommend cleaning out the filter basket weekly. But due to the fact that turning the filter on and off can cause its mechanism to deteriorate, it is crucial for you to set the filter on timer and let it run for a minimum of six hours daily.

Aside from the filter, you also need to clean the pipes used by your filter system. You just have to set the filter to “backwash”, remove the leaf basket, and clean it. After that, turn on the pump and let it run until clear water is ejected from the waste pipe.

  1. Consider your pool’s chemistry

One of the most crucial facets of pool maintenance is its chemical levels. Improperly balanced water will look murky, cause your pool to become a breeding ground for bacteria, and irritate your skin and eyes whenever you use it. So it is important for you to test the water weekly.

Here are important chemical considerations you need to take care of:

  • Free Chlorine

Free chlorine is a sanitizer that will help keep your pool water stay germ-free and safe.

  • Cyanuric Acid

Cyanuric acid will protect the chlorine from sunlight. Also, this will determine the required free chlorine level.

  • Calcium Hardness

The appropriate level of calcium hardness will prevent plaster damage.

  • Alkalinity/Acidity

Alkalinity/acidity is also known as the pH level of the water. The acidity must level be kept between 7.5 and 7.8 to protect the pool equipment from eroding and to prevent irritation.

  • Total Alkalinity

Total alkalinity will help keep the pH in balance. The alkalinity level must be kept within a range of 60 to 120.

Testing the water is easy because you just need to buy testing kits from a pool store. Fill this kit with some pool water and add the solution that is included in the testing kit before closing the vials. After a couple of seconds, the sample water will change color. You have to compare it with the color shown on the testing kit to check the current chemical levels. You may then need to adjust the chemical levels in your pool to achieve the ideal balance.

Once all the chemicals are balanced, the water should become crystal clear, leave only a little residue on your skin, and have no scent.

  1. Shock your pool when necessary

If your pool becomes cloudy, do not be afraid to shock it to get rid of bacteria. Shocking means raising the chlorine levels drastically for a short period of time in order to kill bacteria.

This is done by diluting at least three times the normal amount of chlorine with water, and pouring it slowly into the pool return line. Let this solution filter through your entire pool before refilling your pool with clean water.

Take care, though, not to shock your pool often because this can damage the sides of your pool. Experts recommend shocking your pool at least twice each season.

  1. Absorb oil with a tennis ball

Aside from using tennis balls in your pool to play catch with your children or siblings, these can do double duty. Their fibers can help absorb the oil left behind by swimmers in the water. The oil can include hair products, suntan lotion, and the natural oils produced in human skin.

By using tennis balls for this purpose, you won’t see oil leaving a glossy shine on the top surface of the water.

  1. Schedule an annual professional service appointment

When it comes to the mechanical equipment of your pool, you must trust an expert to properly care for it. These include your pool filters, pumps, and heating systems. You must hire a pool service professional to check these devices annually, whether you need it or not.

Prior to booking an appointment, you must look at your pool as a whole. Take note of any leaks in the piping, loud noise from the mechanisms, odd smells from the water, or holes in the linear. When the pool service professionals arrive, mention these things so they will have an idea of where to begin working.

Remember that even when you haven’t noticed any problems with your pool, you should not cancel your annual professional service appointment. Detecting and repairing a small problem will help save you from having to fix a bigger issue in the future.

Keeping your pool in its excellent condition will involve a certain amount of work, but this shouldn’t become a burden. If you incorporate these maintenance tips into your regular cleaning routine, you’ll have more time to enjoy a safe and germ-free pool. And don’t forget to let a reputable pool maintenance company look into your pool at least once a year to make sure that everything is running smoothly.


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