15 Tips to avoid WhatsApp Scams, viruses and hoaxes

There is no doubt that WhatsApp is one of the best applications to send messages, share pictures and stay in touch. People from every generation are hooked on to this great networking platform these days. As a user of this application, it is important that you are aware of the realities connected to it. This would help you in avoiding scams, hoaxes and viruses. Given below are 15 tips that can help you in this connection.

Tips to avoid WhatsApp Scams

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  1. WhatsApp does not charge any fee after a certain date

A lot of us get messages on our phone that WhatsApp will charge a fee after a particular date due to excess users. There is no reality in this news. It is a free application and this news is just a way to extract money from users. In other words, it is a financial scan. Thus, rest assured that your account would not be closed after a particular date if you do not pay a fee.


  1. The gold version of WhatsApp does not exist

Have you received the WhatsApp message of paying a fee to upgrade to WhatsApp gold with additional features? This is a hoax as WhatsApp Gold simply does not have any existence. There is only one free version of this app.


  1. The missed call VIRUS

At times, we do get a missed call from a contact that is not on our WhatsApp list. A link is provided that has to be clicked to get details of the missed call. Clicking this link would do nothing but infect your phone with virus. You should only use this app to interact with contacts that are on your list. If someone has to call you or message you on WhatsApp, he can only use WhatsApp for this purpose. Any other online application cannot be used to contact a user on this platform.


  1. The CEO of WhatsApp does not contact a user

There is nothing such as “message from the CEO” when you are using WhatsApp. It is obvious that the CEO of WhatsApp would not have the time to send a message to millions of users around the world. If any announcement related to the application would be made, it would be public and not through selective messaging.


  1. No charges will be applied to inactive users

People stay connected according to the free time available to them. The news that WhatsApp will apply charges on the users who remain inactive for a particular time span is a hoax. In accordance with the official blog of the application, WhatsApp is completely free and this does not depend on how active or inactive a user is.


  1. There is nothing such as WhatsApp Plus

When an improved version of an application is launched, a public announcement is made in advance.  Thus, if you received messages about upgrading to WhatsApp Plus, count it as a scam. Clicking any provided links may infect your phone with a virus.


  1. The Blue logo HOAX

This app does not expect any users to market the services of the application in any manner. A lot of users have received the billing scam message. According to this message, the user is required to forward the received message to a minimum number of contacts before a deadline. In other cases, billing would be activated as soon as the WhatsApp logo would become blue.


  1. WhatsApp is not ending after a mentioned clock time

A WhatsApp hoax related to a time frame has been circulating recently. You would get a message that WhatsApp free version is ending after the mentioned time span (For example 8 PM). After this time span, a billing cycle would be activated. This is a hoax message and users never have to pay anything to use this app. The application is completely free in every way and users are not required to pay even a single penny for anything.


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  1. Subscription Fee for iPhone users and lifetime usage

It is a fact that WhatsApp has a larger number of Android users as compared to iPhone users. WhatsApp users were sent a hoax message according to which they would be able to use WhatsApp for life on their iPhone after paying a small subscription fee. This news does not have any authenticity as WhatsApp is a free application for all users irrespective of the operating system they are using. In other words, iPhone users do not have to pay any subscription fee to download the application and use it.


  1. No news about user comparisons with Facebook and Twitter

WhatsApp has not published any news highlighting a comparative analysis with Facebook users. The users of the application received a message that highlighted WhatsApp beating Facebook and other social media platforms in terms of user count in a smaller time span. This news is not authentic in any manner.


  1. The Voicemail malware

As an internet user, you should know that accessing unreliable redirected websites can result in malware being downloaded on your device. This is exactly what happens when WhatsApp users receive a voicemail notification with a link. This is a malware and you need to be aware of it. As soon as you would click the link to listen to the voicemail, a malicious website would open and an infected application would be downloaded without your consent. There is another thing that users need to know. This is a customized malware that varies from one device to the other.  In other words, the malware that would be downloaded on your mobile would be different than the one downloaded on your computer desktop.


  1. Scams of Discounts

The concept of this scam is quite old but it has been circulating as a WhatsApp message in the recent times. It works in a simple manner, As a WhatsApp user; you would get a message from someone who resembles one of your contacts. The message would contain a link of a fantastic discount deal that has been used by one of your contacts. Out of anxiousness, you may click the link to have a look at the offer. This is what you should not do. This link would redirect you to a malware website from where an infected application would be downloaded on your system.


  1. There is nothing such as WhatsApp spying apps

As a professional concern, WhatsApp respects the privacy of its users at the highest scale. None of your messages are read by anyone because the company has state of the art security frameworks enabled. If you get a message about a spying WhatsApp application with a link titled like “who has been reading your conversations”, simply ignore it the link would connect you to a malicious application. WhatsApp has always shared a trustworthy relation with its users and would continue to do so. Thus, you do not have to be scared in any manner about your conversations being read.


  1. Forwarded messages about release of updated versions

WhatsApp is a reputed communication platform and the company will never announce the launch of updated versions through forwarded messages. Users do get forwarded messages about new versions of WhatsApp being released. A fact is that there is no reliability in these messages. If you receive any such message, the best thing is to ignore it. In some cases, this is also a way to extract money from the user. For instance, you would be told that a list of incredible features is available in the advanced version and you can use all of them by paying a small fee. This is not real in anyway. WhatsApp is a 100% free and none of the users have to make any payment to use any option.


  1. Fake invitation for video calling

WhatsApp has an already enabled video calling application and users do not need to activate anything to use this facility. An invitation for activating WhatsApp video calling is not authentic in any manner. Once you click on the provided link, you would be guided to a third party website that is not trustworthy. The website does show fake snapshots about the activation being in progress. As a WhatsApp user, you do not have to go through any such process to use the video calling feature. The moment you have the application downloaded and installed, you can use all the features without visiting any third link.

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    You have scattered very beneficial facts for Whatsapp users and it will absolutely erase many misunderstanding regarding this app.

    Many users are in confusion that after a certain period of time this app will expire or it need to be paid for update pro version but I have experience that having whatsapp in my phone above than one year but didn’t required to paid for pro version so it is really a hoax message among people. Eventually, thanks for sharing your worthy experience with us.

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