Top Places to visit in Varanasi, Kashi or Banaras

Let me tell you about the Varanasi. Varanasi or Banaras (or Kashi) is known to be the one of the oldest cities of the World. Varanasi is one of the seven holy cities of Hinduism. It is situated on the Banks of the holy river Ganges in Uttar Pradesh State of India. It is also known as the city of temples as you will see the temple in every corner of the street, road and cross roads and there are also other places to visit in Varanasi. You will find everyone with a PAAN in their mouth. Paan of Banaras is so famous all over the world such that the celebs and big personalities call and order for the Paan stalls of Varanasi Paan vendors in the parties and marriages. It is sad that “Jisne Banaas ja ke Banaras ka Paan nahi khaya toh usne kya Khaya??”

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Let me take you to my 6 days journey of Varanasi. This journey is associated with the hopes of above 150 of which only 72 had actually seen their wish being fulfilled for so close but.

The first day when they arrived at Varanasi station, their eyes were blushing with hopes and aspirations to achieve something but just a night between to reach the first step of the ladder of success. Before that very important event many of them went to “Ganga Ghat” (Bank of holy river Ganges) to take the blessings of holy mother of all rivers that is Ganges. There at the Ganga Ghat, a lot of hustle and bustle was there and people were excited to watch the “GANGA AARTI” that used to took place every morning and evening. Thousands of people gather together to pay tribute to the holy river mother Ganges. The moment has started and hymns with vedic chant started along with the ringing sound of bells, tabla, drums, shankh and Shehnais. It is believed that if you dip in Ganges for one time then you are relieved from all the past sins you have committed. The ferry around the Ghats of the river Ganges in the evening takes you to the round of all the Ghats of Varanasi in just 50 bucks. The view of Ganga Aarti was Awesome and the realm was all peaceful inside the mind and body in spite of the loud chants outside. People were able to watch their inner self in that blissful environment. I must say everyone should once visit Varanasi Ghat to watch the Evening Ganga Aarti.

My second day at Varanasi was the first day of the official event I was there for. The day I was successful and the day went by comfortable. The third day of the journey was a bit challenging and it was mentally tiring but in the afternoon we were able to go out to explore Varanasi again. It was Tuesday and I am a deep follower of Hanuman ji and I had heard of a very magical and old Hanuman Temple out there in Varanasi that is “Sankat Mochan Hanuman Temple”. As I have heard it was really magical and something was there in the air of temple. In the temple there was a sense of security and completeness. The chants of Hanuman Chalisa were murmuring in every corner of the temple. This is the same place which was one of the targeted places during Varanasi serial blasts in 2006. In spite of all these anti social activities the faith in God still blossoms in everyone’s heart. It is a must watch place in Varanasi. Jai Hanuman. Jai Shree Ram.

The third day continued with a fine morning, all busy with their respective tasks. Our group was free for the day and that was the time we played badminton and basket ball, the games I don’t like much. Then it is about 3 we left our place for one of the heritage sites of UNESCO. That is Sarnath. It is a place of utmost importance for Buddhism and Jainism. Here Buddha has delivered his first lecture to his disciples. Here is a 200 BC old “Dhamekh Stupa” which is 128 feet tall and has a diameter of 93 metres and is the representation of this holy place of Buddhist faith. The original Dharma Chakra built by Emperor Ashoka is here and this is the place where the national Symbol of India the “Ashokan Emblem” was built by Emperor Ashoka but it was destroyed by the Turks and no monument here is complete. The upper broken part of the Ashoka Pillar over there is placed in the Museum that is just 100 Meters away from the place. The Sarnath Museum constitutes the broken images of Gods and Godesses and Buddha. Anyone who studies Buddhism must visit this place and the museum out here. Sarnath also marked the landmark of the birth place of 4 of 24 Tirthankars of Jainism and one being the 11th Tirthankara Swami Shreyansnath Ji whose temple is an example of mixture of ancient and modern piece of architecture. This temple is Digambar Jain Temple. The temple was blessed with peace and self contentment. It was the place where you find the real self inside you. Sarnath is really a blissful place and the one who visit Varanasi must visit Sarnath to feel themselves.

The fourth day of my Varanasi was the day when we were dressed beautifully and formally for the most awaited event and that past well and we were tired that that and prefer to sleep at our place.

The fifth and the most amazing day when our group of 8 have performed our tasks in the morning collectively and then after lunch we had gone to the oldest temple of India that is “Sri Kashi Vishwanath Temple” after paying tribute to “Kaal Bhairava Temple” that is near to the same Sri Kashi Vishwanath Temple. According to Hindu Mythology it is believed that it is a good omen when you first visit to Kaal Bhairava temple before visiting the Sri Kashi Vishwanath Temple and the journey is believed to be completed. There in Sri Kashi Vishwanath Temple, there was great hustle bustle. The whole pandaal was remembering Shiva with the chants of Bam Bam Bhole and Jai Shiv Shankar. The whole scene was amazing and delightful. There is “ShivLinga” which is believed to be the oldest of all the temples of the world. This temple was demolished by Aurangzeb and after demolishing he made Gyanvapi Mosque out there. The temple now exists is on the adjacent place of the mosque, the dome of the temple is made of Gold and is worth watchful. The security of the Temple is so tight that you cannot even take a data card inside the temple. The whole journey of the day was blissful and I was feeling proud of being part of this great civilization. After visiting Sri Kashi Vishwanath ji we had a lot of desi snacks including samosas, tikki, jalebi and a famous sweet dish of UP that is Labang Lata. That day went great and at night we did a lot of fun in our barracks as that was the last night there.

Sri Kashi Vishwanath Temple Varanasi

The sixth day was the day of Judgement for all of 72 and after our final day tasks it was the time of announcements and only 5 got their way other changed their course back to their homes. I was one of them who returned home but before coming back home I again went to the bank of river Ganga and offered my prayers and came back to home. This six days journey was for a cause that was to become fighter pilots in Indian Air Force through SSB interview.

These were one of the most memorable moments of life and I would suggest each one of us to visit Varanasi at least once to know the history and evolution of Indian Society. You must also see the Best and Top Tourist Destinations of India Love Varanasi Love you all my friends….

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