13 Amazing Trucking Industry Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Trucking Industry is backbone of any economy as it helps you to move you from one place to another. There is a great quote that is:

If you got it, a truck brought it.

Alone in Unites States and Canada, the trucking contributes a significant amount in the GDP. Without truckers any country’s progress will greatly suffered. We have clubbed together amazing trucking facts that will make you think if these are true.

13 Trucking Industry Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

1. Trucking Industry is supposed to grow by 21% in next 10 years.

Trucking Industry Growth Facts

2. 20,500 Gallons of Gas is consumed by each Commercial Truck in Average.

Truck Facts

3. Highway Trust Fund Collects 36% of the Total Tax from Truckers however they make only 7% ofe total Traffic.

Trucking Fact

4. Pro Truckers spend more than 240 nights away from their family & home each year.

Trucking Facts

5. Lillie McGee Drennan was the 1st woman truck driver to get a commercial driver’s license in 1929.

Trucking Industry History Fact

6. Only 6% of Total Truck drivers are Women.

Trucking Industry Stats Fact

7. A Truck is designed to run for at least 1 Million Miles.

A Car is designed to run only for 200, 0000 Miles.

Trucking Industry Cool Fact

8. Trucks transport thousands of tonnes of freight annually and still the biggest mode of transportation in Canada and U.S.A.

Trucking Industry Cool Facts

9. The Trucking Industry Provides Employment to More Than 8 Million people in U.S.

Cool Trucking Industry Facts

10. Truckers who drive 65 mph use 27% less fuel than when they drive 75 mph.

Trucking Industry Fun Fact

11. Truck drivers are three times less likely to be involved in a traffic accident compared to car drivers.

Trucking Industry Fun Facts

12. If someone tells you to hit the road in Saskatchewan, be prepared for a very long walk. The province has more road surface than any other in the country: a total of 250,000 km.

Trucking Industry Fact

13. Trucking is a key trade facilitator between Canada and the United States. Approximately two-thirds of Canada-US trade is moved by truck, including more than 80 percent of all US exports to Canada.

Trucking Industry Facts

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