Unbelievable Stories From The Scariest Places In Europe

Sure, Europe is home to stunning beaches, glorious castles, vibrant cities and outstanding landscapes. But when the words, like spooky and paranormal, excite your adventure nerve, the continent is not short of the creepiest stuff either.

Folks, be ready to piss your pants and scream like anything! We’re going to share some most terrifying and unbelievable stories from the most haunted places in Europe.

Edinburgh Castle – Scotland


Standing magnificently between hills and sea, Edinburgh Castle has a troubled history of murders, tortures and violent military fights. The castle is believed to be haunted by old castle staff, poor souls buried in the hidden tunnels beneath the castle and young boys who lost their lives in savage battles.

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The place boasts countless ghost stories set in and around the castle. One such story tells the story of the piper who haunts the tunnels running from the castle to the Royal Mile. It is said that the piper went down to explore the tunnels a few hundred years ago. Later, he disappeared in the tunnels without any trace.

One most interesting overnight experiment involved a female volunteer. The woman reported hearing breathing from a corner of the room, which was getting louder and louder. She also saw a light coming from the corner but didn’t dare to look back.



Tha Paris Catacombs – France


The ‘City of love and lights’ Paris holds a dark underworld of deads in its bosom. During the 17th century, cemeteries in France began to overflow of bodies. The French government took a clever decision to transfer bodies to the tunnels located beneath the city.

Since then, the catacombs of Paris have given rise to many legends, including black masses, serial killings, and Resistance hideouts during WWII. Due to reported haunted activities, the government abandoned and closed this place to the public.

Many legends highlight the strange paranormal activities in the catacombs. One such story focuses on a guy who got lost and died down in the catacombs in 1793. Philibert Aspairt’s body was recovered 11 years after his death, and it’s said that he died when he was very close to an exit.

A portion of this grisly corner of the city is now open to tourists who always seek adventure plus thrill. However, never visit Paris catacombs without an experienced guide and a map, otherwise, you may get lost if you enter the illegal areas.

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Raynham Hall – Norfolk, United Kingdom


A photographer and his assistant, in September 1936, stepped inside the Raynham Hall of Norfolk to photograph the estate for Country Life magazine. The shoot was going great, and suddenly, the assistant got horrified by a mysterious figure descending the grand staircase. The photographer quickly captured the figure in his camera and proved that the photograph was entirely innocent of any faking.

Visitors to Raynham Hall already had experienced paranormal activities, and now they had proof. Witnesses talk about a ghostly figure of a lady wearing an old-fashioned brown dress at various areas in the house, mainly in the upstairs corridor, on the grand staircase and in a bedroom.

The Brown Lady is believed to be the soul of Dorothy Townshend, the second wife of Lord Charles Townshend, a man known for his fierce temper. Knowing about the lady’s extra-marital affair with Lord Wharton, Charles locked Dorothy in her room and forbade her to see her children. She was imprisoned for the rest of her life. Other version purports that she died of a broken neck after falling from the staircase.

Whatever the truth is, the one point to which all agrees is that Dorothy never left the estate and her spirit still wanders the hall in search of her separated children.


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Hoia Baciu Forest – Romania


Known as the world’s most haunted forest, Romania’s Hoia Baciu Forest has a reputation for intense paranormal and unexplained activities. The forest was named after a shepherd who disappeared in the forest with a flock of two hundred sheep.  There are tens of uncertain stories behind these spooky activities in the forest. One such story says that the woods in the forests are thought to be notoriously haunted by the tormented souls of Romanian peasants who were murdered here.

Visitors to forest report physical harms such as rashes, migraine, anxiety, and other unusual sensations. Many also heard disembodied female voices, giggling and apparitions sensed a feeling of being watched and saw a heavy black fog with no reasonable explanation.

Some people call the forest a gateway to another world. Locales have reported strange lights with no logical source, EVP activities and flying disc-shaped objects like UFOs, above the land.

A story focuses on a 5-year-old girl who got lost in the woods.  The girl emerged from the forest 5 years later, wearing the same untarnished clothes and with no memory of what had happened to her.


The Haunted Vicarage – Borgvattnet, Sweden


Built in 1876, This old Vicarage had its encounter with ghosts in the vicarage in 1927. Nils Hedlund experienced lots of strange and horrifying things that he could not explain. Once incident reported that Hedlun saw an unseen force that was tearing his clothes from the line.

Hedlund’s successors reported to hear unexplained sounds, witness moving of objects, hear disembodied steps and music in the hall. One terrifying experience involves a female visitor, Inga Flodin, who awakened at midnight with a feeling of being watched. She saw three old women, sitting on the sofa, crying and staring at her. She quickly turned on the light and could still saw them, but with a blurry appearance.

The former resident, Erick Lindgren, recorded his haunted experiences in a journal. His experiences include being thrown out of the chair by an unseen power, rocking chair rocking on its own, and a strong force entering his body.

The house is now a restaurant, and you can get a special certificate for staying here overnight. Dare to try?


Poveglia Island  – Italy


Back in the history, when bubonic plague ate up most of the country’s population, Romans decided to separate the healthy people from the sick people. They shipped off plagued people to Poveglia Island that lies between Venice and Lido. Next time an epidemic came, alive, sick bodies were dumped and burned in mass graves.

In the 20s, a mental asylum was built on the Island for physically and mentally sick folks. A legend also points to a doctor who practiced cruel medical procedures on his patients. Eventually, he went mad after being disturbed by the spirits that lived there. He jumped from the asylum’s tall bell tower and killed himself. Though the bell was later removed from the tower, local still claim to hear chimes echoes from the abandoned island.

Consequently, if you have the itch to visit this place, you will get over 100K diseases ghosts to accompany you.



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